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Things to Consider When Choosing Custom Packaging

Things to Consider When Choosing Custom Packaging

Packaging is a broad topic that we may never discuss exhaustively. In fact, packaging keeps evolving, with new designs making their way to the store shelves every other day. 

In this era, where customers mostly purchase online, they rarely interact with the company. Custom packaging is packaging that shows your branding, and it ranges from a basic logo to complex designs with your logo, company colors, and high-resolution graphics. 

Custom packaging and the unpacking experience are a sure way of maintaining a connection with your customers. Here are some essential questions you need to ask yourself before customizing your packaging.

Which Type of Custom Packaging is Ideal for My Company?

This depends on your company, the items you are transporting, and your long-term aspirations. Simple custom packaging bags are an excellent way to start out if you are just starting out and want to test the waters. 

Custom poly mailers (or courier bags) are an appealing addition to your packaging array if you are keeping dimensional weight shipping costs down. 

If your aim is improving the unwrapping experience, custom packaging increases anticipation and excitement. Custom tissue paper makes your items appear more exquisite and precious.

How Many Colors Can I Use?

The color of your packaging should be able to represent your brand right. Colors have a silent language, and knowing what specific colors mean to your target customers is very crucial. And while a colorful product on the shelf can help you get noticed, it is not always wise to use too many colors.

It is advisable to keep it at two to three colors, but you can use more as long as you don’t overdo it.

Which is the Best Packaging Material?

It is important to note that the type of packaging material you choose has a significant impact on the overall look of your packaging.

Colors and pictures will seem darker and more muted when using matte textures and darker materials (such as kraft boxes). Glossier and brighter materials (such as poly mailers) make colors pop. Your choice of material should be determined by the appearance you are striving for.

How Do I Create Custom Packaging?

When designing custom packaging, there are two options to pick from depending on your budget and level of adventure.

One option is to hire a graphic designer to make it for you. If you have the cash for it and aren’t confident in your own design talents, this is an excellent choice. A professional designer will follow your brand rules and discover your packaging goals to produce something fantastic. If you are looking for a packaging supplier that provides excellent quality and exceptional customer service, you should definitely choose SupremeX. Contact them today to discuss your packaging needs and find out why they are the top choice for many businesses.

The second one would be to do it yourself. Some packaging companies make this easier by making online package designer tools available on their website. Depending on the type of packaging you want, you may use logos, colors, text, stock artwork, and even images to create something spectacular. Just make sure you utilize high-resolution artwork.

The above questions will help you come up with the ideal custom packaging for your products and brand.

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