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Things to Avoid After a Hair Transplant

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Getting a hair transplant and living with the after effects for a few days is no mean feat. Although hair transplantation clinics try their maximum to reduce the after effects, they cannot completely erase them.

Your doctor may give you a list of things and tasks that you need to avoid after the immediate period of your hair transplant to get the best out of your hair transplant cost

Things to avoid after getting a hair transplant

Following are some of the major things you need to avoid at all costs after you have gotten a hair transplant:

Sleeping flat

Many people out there sleep flat on their beds due to health or preferences. But after you have got a hair transplant, it is imperative that you use a pillow or a substitute for keeping your head elevated for the first week after the treatment.

Hair wash

Your doctor will strictly disallow you to take a shower within the first 48 hours after the treatment. This is because the area of the transplant needs to heal before getting in touch with water.


When you are in the procedure of getting a hair transplant, you may be given strong sedation to knock you out. In such a case, make sure you do not drive by yourself for 24 hours after the sedation.

Using hair products

Do not use any hair products in the first 48 hours of the transplant. After that, you can use shampoo and conditioner. For other products, you will need to wait a bit longer to start using them again.

Strain and sweat

In the days, if not weeks, after your hair transplant, skip the heavy exercises that could possibly drench you in sweat. You need to keep your scalp clean and away from sweat.

You also should not put any strain on your body for the first week to avoid bad results.

Drinking and smoking

Alcohol can cause great fluctuation in the blood that reaches your head. This could indeed affect your healing scalp badly. And if you smoke, you should start by quitting months before the treatment so that your nicotine consumption is also withdrawn when you are healing.

Scrubbing hair 

Do not, under any circumstance, scrub your hair in the shower. When you do wash your hair after 48 hours, it should be done totally, gently, and carefully to avoid any mishaps.

Dyeing your hair

Dyeing hair involves using different kinds of chemicals on your hair. But since your hair just got out of surgery, you should be easy on them and not dye your hair. Once the scalp is healed and you get the green light from your doctor, you can dye them.

Overlooking hydration

Water is the essence of life. It should be taken very carefully before and after the surgery to get the best out of your hair transplant cost. Drinking even 10 percent more water can be extremely beneficial to the recovery process.

Sleeping on your stomach

We all toss and turn at night, changing sides and sleeping on our stomachs. But that is something you must avoid entirely after a hair transplant. No sleeping on your stomach or your sides. Only on your back. If you can not manage that, you can get a weighted blanket as well.

Applying ice to the scalp

Do not apply ice directly to your scalp. If you feel or see any swelling, place an ice cube right above your eyebrows but not on your scalp.

Exposing the scalp to direct sunlight

Just like you should not expose your scalp to ice, you also should not expose it to direct sunlight for the first few days after the hair transplant. 

Caps and hats

Do not cover your head with anything or let any type of cover, like a cap, hat, or such, touch your scalp. This could be detrimental to the healing of the scalp.

Eating junk food

What you eat directly impacts your healing process. If you eat healthy food, you will see positive results, but if you choose to eat junk food, you will see negative results. It is up to you what you want.

Scratching your scalp

By now, you know that you must not touch or let anything touch your scalp while it is healing after the transplant. So, you also should refrain from scratching it.

Having sex

Your doctor will also advise you to refrain from sex for the first week after the transplants.


Those were the things you need to avoid after getting a hair transplant. Some of them only need to be controlled for the first couple of days or the first week, while some you need to keep avoiding for weeks, if not months.

Making sure you avoid all these things increases your chances of effective results giving you the maximum value for your hair transplant cost.

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