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The Translation Platform | Your Site Crosses Borders

On the World Wide Web, borders are lifted. This is a windfall you should take advantage of to deploy your business internationally and extend your visibility. For this, your site must be translated into one or more foreign languages. Have you ever thought about it but you don’t know how to do it and you wonder how to proceed? Could the translation platform be the solution? The following arguments should convince you. Find out in this article how to find the right translation platform.

Why translates your website?

Translating your website into one or more foreign language(s) must meet a need. You didn’t get up this morning saying to yourself: “Hey, what if I translated my site into a foreign language? » You necessarily have an objective which can be:

  • Grow your business

Any business strives to increase the volume of its sales and thus increase its turnover. E-commerce can be located everywhere. Translating your site is the key to moving from one country to another and reaching new customers. The multiplicity of languages ​​of large merchant sites such as Amazon, Alibaba or Zalando has greatly contributed to their success.

  • Find new markets

You want to stand out and you may have spotted a niche in which to position yourself. To make yourself understood, you will address the clientele that you have defined after an analysis of the local market, in their native language.

  • Increase your international presence

Simply having an online presence in other countries can be your goal if you are a blogger. Translating your blog will drive more traffic to your site. To respond to local specificities, new keywords will be integrated and the content of your articles will be enriched.

  • Stay credible

You are credible in your home country, stay that way abroad. A good translation will maintain the level of quality of the content of your site in the language of the targeted country (is). Internet users, potential future customers, must find texts in their own language and understand your message. This will also contribute to the loyalty of your new customers by speaking to them “truthfully”, in the language they want to hear.

Why go through a translation platform?

The downside of translation tools

Thinking of using professional ghostwriters or another tool? Is this the best idea? Virtual tools help you for a short translation, but not for a long text, especially if it is complex. The automatic translator is a machine that performs a literal word-for-word translation. He does not understand the subtleties of languages, the second degree, whereas a human translator knows how to detect linguistic nuances.

The translation platform offers a global offer

Whether you are looking for a translation platform in English, Arabic or another idiom, you will benefit from going through a translation platform. This online service connects clients and translators who are professionals who know how to do it. It offers the advantage of offering various solutions: personalized project management, vast network of translators, translation assistance tools (CAT) and speed of execution. Calling on one of them saves time and money and will ensure the quality of the translations.

The SEO editor translator optimizes your site

The professional translator will be faithful to the image of your site and will do a tailor-made job while respecting your style. You are targeting a new clientele and therefore new personas. Do not miss the objective: put all the assets on your side and select web editors SEO translators who will work at the same time on the referencing of your site. Indeed, it must be optimized. A site translated but that the local Internet user cannot find is useless. It must take into account the keywords in the translated language, the user experience and the local search engine. Google is not the dominant search engine in all countries. In China, for example, the most widespread is Baidu.

How to find a translation platform?

There is no shortage of translation platforms on the Net. Already identify those that reference SEO translators and not just translators.

After making a first selection, see if the declarative information of the translators’ qualifications is verified by the platform. Some translation platforms select their translators on the basis of their skills and then give them tests to assess them. Others assess the level of applicant translators directly through tests, then carry out periodic checks of the translated content.

You cannot always choose the translator you want to work with. It is also perhaps a point that you will want to take into consideration in your final choice.

Regarding the operating mode, each platform has its own way of proceeding but most often, the process is as follows. The order is placed on the site.

The translators identify your order and submit their application. You choose a translator. This performs the translation and uploads it to the platform. Modifications and/or corrections may be requested before accepting the result of the work carried out.

It is important to collaborate with the translator more than to have him translated. The translator must have understood your overall project. He must think of all the elements that are to be translated: Alt tags and descriptions of images, buttons, Meta descriptions… all the texts on the site, visible and non-visible. He will also have to extend the translation to marketing content if you have any, such as tutorials, video. 

You have understood that you will need to be accompanied by   competent SEO web editors and translators. Those on our platform carry out their translation assignments according to the rules of the art of optimizing editorial content.

And the prices you ask? In general, the latter is a function of the source language and the target language, and the number of words. Feel free to compare! Have you decided to cross borders?

Do you want to translate your website? Call on the specialists, translators, SEO web editors of our platform, it does not take a commission. To support you throughout your project, you can choose a single editor or form a team. Our professionals will give wings to your project to make it take off.


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