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The Top 20 B2B Wholesale Marketplaces in the USA

Wholesale Marketplace

It’s tough to get started as a small business owner, and even tougher to stay afloat in the B2B space, where industry giants can take up most of the customers. The good news? You don’t have to go at it alone – you can sell your products through wholesale marketplaces that allow you to compete with the big guys and buy from them at the same time! Here are some of the top B2B wholesale marketplaces in the USA.

A High-Level Overview

A wholesale marketplace is a platform that facilitates sales transactions between a wide range of buyers and sellers. This is one of the few large online marketplaces for businesses that want to buy products from, or sell them to, other businesses. While most are used for business-to-business (B2B) transactions, some platforms also facilitate business-to-consumer (B2C) transactions. These wholesale e-commerce sites can help manufacturers, suppliers and retailers find new products and additional customers.

The Biggest 20 B2B Wholesale Marketplaces in the USA

The internet has completely changed how wholesale businesses operate. If you aren’t a part of one of these top 20 wholesale marketplaces in 2016, you might be out of business very soon. As we get closer to April 1st, let’s take a look at which wholesale marketplaces are generating billions of dollars on an annual basis. How did they make it to #1? What sets them apart from their competitors? All is revealed here.

1-   Alibaba

U.S. companies can buy and sell their products on Alibaba’s wholesale site. The company was founded by Jack Ma, one of China’s richest men, who met with U.S. President Barack Obama to discuss opening up greater trade between Chinese companies and American small businesses during a White House summit last year, CNN Money reported. – Amazon: Although Amazon is best known for its retail business, it also sells products through its online marketplace called Amazon Marketplace.

This platform allows third-party sellers to list their goods alongside Amazon items so customers can find them all in one place. The marketplace has grown quickly since launching in 2000 and now offers over 24 million products from more than 2 million sellers worldwide, according to CNBC. There are also thousands of wholesalers that have registered as third-party sellers on Amazon’s marketplace platform. Some even use Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), which means they ship their inventory directly to an Amazon warehouse where it is stored until a customer order it.

2- AliExpress

An online wholesale marketplace that connects buyers and sellers of products from China. Established: 2014. Headquarters: Hangzhou, China. Type: International e-commerce. The company has received $2 billion in venture capital funding from Alibaba Group and SoftBank Group. They were founded by Alex Choi and his former Alibaba colleague Daniel Zhang.

3- DHgate

Founded in 2004, DHgate provides a platform where companies can trade with each other and where suppliers can earn a profit by offering their products to international buyers. The site is an online wholesale marketplace, providing products across multiple categories including consumer electronics, apparel, jewelry, and toys.

It currently offers more than 300 million product listings from 5 million sellers from 220 countries. If you’re looking for wholesale markets outside of your region or if you just want to explore new business opportunities that are tailored to your industry, then DHgate is a great place to start searching for wholesalers and dropshippers.

4- Costco

Starting with a membership model, Costco makes it easier for business owners to find items for resale. Some wholesale businesses source items directly from factories, but many others have difficulty finding enough inventory that doesn’t need further customization or processing before they can sell it to customers. They often turn to wholesalers—intermediaries who help match sellers and buyers. Some of these wholesalers purchase goods directly from factories, while others import them on behalf of their clients and then sell those products at a markup after they’ve been repackaged and branded.

5- Global Sources

Asia-Pacific is a global marketplace that aims to provide business-to-business e-commerce solutions for companies involved in manufacturing and trade. With over 1,000,000 suppliers from 200 countries, Global Sources allows buyers to browse an extensive catalog of products from China and across Asia. Sellers can upload their product information, including descriptions, photos, specifications, and minimum order quantities (MOQs). Buyers can then search through products using keywords or by category/product type.

To make it easier for buyers to find products they like, sellers can create wish lists where they can save items they’d like to purchase later on. Once an order has been placed with a seller, Global Sources provides real-time tracking of delivery status so both parties are aware of what’s happening at all times.

6- Worldwide Brands

Many companies provide a comprehensive wholesale business platform. Whether you are an established retail business or new to the industry, you can use their technology to list your products for sale and their sales staff to find prospective buyers. The best part about wholesale distribution is that most companies provide an international platform—if your products perform well in one marketplace, it’s easy to expand into other markets.

No matter what kind of company you have, there’s probably a matching wholesale distributor looking for products just like yours. Check out our list of top-rated wholesale marketplaces below and click through to read reviews of each platform, including details on how they work and pricing info so you can make an informed decision on which system is right for your business.

7- eSources

When you’re looking for products or services to buy, use eSources to save time and money. With over 1 million products and services from more than 100,000 manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors, finding what you need has never been easier. You can use eSources to find everything from agricultural equipment to promotional merchandise. Create an account today to get full access to our complete database of products and companies. Ready for a free 30-day trial?

8- SaleHoo

This is one of my favorite wholesale marketplaces because it includes both drop shippers and wholesale buyers/sellers. Sign up with your Facebook or Google account (or both) and browse through tons of products. Once you find something you’re interested in, click Shop Now to view more details about that product. To get a deal, simply register on SaleHoo (for free) then negotiate directly with sellers for a lower price—usually between 15% and 35% off retail value. Just be sure to check their Terms & Conditions before finalizing your order.

9- China Brands

You can find most of your wholesale goods at China Brands. Companies can browse and search for products on individual or multiple websites, and there is a focus on overstock items. Each site has a currency converter, making it easy to see pricing in different currencies. There are also forums and communities for sellers to exchange ideas and get advice from other users. Use coupon code WPLOGIN at checkout to save $50 off your first order!

10- SourceLow

An online platform that allows retailers to source directly from Chinese suppliers. From socks to iPhone cases, retailers can find and buy anything they want from manufacturers abroad. Sellers who sign up with Sourcinglow are vetted and monitored for quality control, so it’s ideal for retailers looking for reliable goods. Goods ordered through SourcingLow typically arrive within 30 days.

For smaller orders, SourcingLow charges a nominal service fee; if you purchase more than $1000 worth of goods per month, there’s no fee at all. Inventory management is also simplified because sellers ship all goods together once a week or once every two weeks depending on order volume. The company has been in business since 2014 and offers free standard shipping for all orders over $25.

11- Tundra

We’ve already talked about one of Tundra’s primary offerings, On-Demand Delivery for Retailers. The second offering, called Inventory Management Software, is a SaaS platform that helps retailers move inventory into their sales channels in real-time. But what sets Tundra apart from other wholesale marketplaces is its focus on e-commerce. According to founder Jim Kaufman (read his profile here), Tundra bridges two worlds: physical and digital retail. This can be huge if you’re selling products online and through brick-and-mortar locations—one of those worlds is often neglected by wholesalers.

12- Boutsy

A marketplace for authentic brand names. Boutsy helps retailers source directly from manufacturers and factories, allowing them to skip wholesalers and suppliers. Its focus is on wholesale apparel, accessories, and jewelry—the kind of clothing that brands sell to department stores or larger retailers. Boutsy is both a platform for sourcing and a distribution center—as you’re probably aware, these two services don’t always go hand-in-hand.

Most distributors can only handle an item once it has arrived at their warehouse; they’re not responsible for importing it. For now, Boutsy takes care of all importing duties itself—at least until it finds a way to scale its business model across all product categories.


With Tradewheel, companies can trade wholesale goods from anywhere with ease. Founded by Jon Yates and Damon O’Leary in 2010, Tradewheel has grown to a network of over 4 million registered businesses that do more than $1 billion in sales through its platform each year. According to YuMe, Tradewheel has emerged as one of America’s best places to buy or sell wholesale. The website allows sellers and buyers to connect directly, making it simple for small businesses and entrepreneurs looking for big-brand products at discounted prices.

14- SeeBiz

There are thousands of wholesale marketplaces that you can join, but if you’re just getting started or not sure which to go with, then SeeBiz should be your first choice. Their user-friendly website and layout make it easy for businesses to search and connect; they also offer an exclusive marketplace where vendors only receive products based on their product category.

This provides a huge advantage over other marketplaces because it means your products are more likely to be displayed as opposed to items that don’t match your product range. It also creates a better experience for customers who buy your products since they can easily search by brand name or product type.

15- Ankorstore

Ankorstore is a leading online wholesale store, Ankorstore has more than 30,000 products at wholesale prices. We believe that purchasing should be simple, easy, and fun. With great service and competitive pricing, we make purchasing possible for everyone. The majority of our customers are businesses and stores that need to purchase large quantities of one product or multiple types of products.

Companies can also sell their excess inventory to us and take advantage of our low price on quality items from other businesses! By selling your excess inventory, you’ll turn what would have been an unprofitable sale into cash for your business!

16- Wish

After Alibaba, Wish is one of Asia’s biggest e-commerce marketplaces for wholesalers and retailers. Its mission is to bring together hundreds of millions of consumers from around the world. With thousands of high-quality suppliers that can deliver products at unbeatable prices within two days. It’s a good place to find those hard-to-find wholesale items. Although it’s based in China, Wish accepts US clients and has a large inventory for US buyers. Keyword: unbeatable prices. Just be aware there are no returns or refunds on most items (so check your listings carefully).


The Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) operates as a non-profit organization, founded by the government of Hong Kong. The HKTDC is responsible for strengthening business relations between Hong Kong and mainland China, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia. Specifically, regarding wholesale marketplaces, you can access thousands of manufacturers from China. And around Asia that specialize in electronics, home goods, fashion accessories, and apparel. In addition to buying products directly from these sellers, businesses can order samples first before committing to larger orders.

18- Made-in-China

China is well-known for manufacturing, and when it comes to wholesale, many of China’s 2 million manufacturers use wholesalers. On Made-in-China, buyers can browse through over 2 million products that have been uploaded by sellers. From mobile accessories to silk fabrics, Made-in-China has an enormous range of products available. To get started browsing on Made-in-China, register as a buyer and join other vendors. Once you’re a member of an existing business or register your business account. You can connect with suppliers directly via live chat or private messaging to discuss your product needs further.

19- Handshake

Based in Palo Alto, California, Handshake is a B2B marketplace that matches buyers and sellers of business supplies such as office equipment, furniture, technology, and more. Businesses from all over North America use Handshake to get quotes from suppliers and make purchases. When you register for free on Handshake’s site and list your business as a supplier or as a buyer of products or services.

You’re joining one of its thousands of businesses that are already making purchases via Handshake’s marketplace. Sellers can list their products for free; buyers pay no fees at all to register or post product bids. This is a significant advantage for small businesses with little marketing budget who want access to quick potential leads at no cost.

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20- Faire

Faire is a tech company that helps brands and companies get wholesale access to high-end goods. They have a transparent wholesale platform. Which connects companies with merchants around the world. Giving them access to the inventory they can sell and buy at prices lower than market retail. Faire specializes in fashion, furniture, interior design, and more. They partner with some of today’s most sought-after brands including Tory Burch & Restoration Hardware, who are already experiencing savings of as much as 65%.

Final Words

The top 20 wholesale marketplaces to purchase anything from fresh produce, equipment, and food supplies to office supplies. All of these are great places to start if you want to sell wholesale on Amazon or eBay. Listing your products on marketplaces is a great way to boost your sales. As well as your confidence since someone else is doing all of the selling for you. They’ll also handle customer service, shipping & returns, and take care of marketing through social media and email campaigns. So, there’s no reason not to give it a try! Here are my picks for top wholesalers that work with small businesses.

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