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The Journey of Sobriety: Unveiling The Significance of AA Chips in Sequential Order

AA chips in order

Getting sober is a challenging process, but having support makes it easier. For many seeking recovery from alcoholism, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) provides a caring community and proven tools. 

One tool is sobriety chips, which serve as reminders of milestones reached.

Earning chips in order helps track progress and commitment to staying healthy. For decades, sober chips have played an essential role in twelve-step culture and traditions. Their origins can be traced back to sacred heart medallions first distributed in the late 1930s by Sister Mary Ignatia to patients dedicated to maintaining sobriety. 

In the following years, the concept of commemorating anniversaries with tokens took hold among Alcoholics Anonymous groups nationwide. Though autonomous AA groups may celebrate slightly different intervals, the consistent use of chips has been a beloved symbol of commitment for millions in recovery. 

This article discusses the meaning behind each colored chip earned on the journey to long-term recovery.

1. White Chip: Committing to Change

The first of the AA chips in order is often white, given after first joining or renewing a pledge to sobriety. 

Receiving the white chip marks the decision to seek help, admitting there’s a problem too big to fix alone. Accepting a lack of control over drinking is difficult at first, but the chip strengthens the resolve to grow through abstaining. Subsequent chips build upon this choice.

2. Silver Chip: 24 Hours 

Many find the first 24 hours hardest. Earning silver for one full sober day proves you can handle a day without drinking. It celebrates this small win and motivates continuing another 24 hours. In addition, it reinforces taking recovery one day at a time when changes are new. 

Reaching this milestone shows recovery is possible with tools and people to lean on.

3. Red Chip: 30 Days

Going 30 days sober is major, showing drinking no longer has power after this length of time. 

Physical symptoms often fade by 30 days as the brain continues adjustments without alcohol daily. Receiving red for one whole month of continuous sobriety helps acknowledge growing willpower and normalcy without relying on drinking. It boosts confidence in long-term recovery being achievable.

4. Gold Chip: 60 Days 

Hitting 60 days sober and earning gold demonstrates risks start reducing significantly after around two months without a drink.

Making it this far proves a life of wellness, rather than drinking, now feels regular. New routines have replaced unhealthy patterns. Gold celebrates recovery feeling normal rather than temporary and two months of handling life smoothly without needing alcohol.

5. Green Chip: 90 Days

Going 90 days sober with a green chip is a significant achievement, reflecting three full months alcohol-free. Physical and mental recovery is well underway, along with developed coping strategies. 

Reaching 90 days shows recovery has become second nature versus a brief change. 

Green celebrates strength, resilience, and the ability to continue sobriety despite hurdles. It boosts confidence lifelong recovery is possible with ongoing daily effort.

6. Purple Chip: 4 Months

Four months of continued sobriety celebrated with purple signifies a return to feeling like one’s best self physically and mentally after this period. 

Cravings have significantly reduced while experiencing seasons change without relying on substances. Purple represents recovery now coming naturally versus a constant struggle, and pride in progress made that relapse seem unthinkable. 

It celebrates growing faith in lifelong recovery through living well each day.

7. Dark Blue Chip: 6 Months

Six months of sobriety marked by dark blue shows dedication to changing one’s path sustainably. Experience now exists in smoothly navigating challenges from a clear-minded place of continued abstinence.

Dark blue reinforces identity roots in recovery more than addiction and pride in support gained to strengthen resolve for lifelong wellness.

8. Copper Chip: 7 Months

Seven months sober, represented by copper, displays recovery as a full-fledged lifestyle. 

Seasons have come and gone while upholding a commitment to sobriety. Copper symbolizes belief in tools and experience built to weather any storms without returning to previous damaging behaviors. 

It celebrates confidence in long-term recovery through fellowship, service, and conscious daily choices.

AA chips

9. Red Chip: 8 Months 

Eight months of maintained sobriety proven with another red chip show infrequent cravings and skill in coping with life through a focused lens of continued abstinence. 

Red reinforces the identity found in recovery rather than addiction and appreciation for a solid foundation to always grow upon towards health. 

10. Purple Chip: 9 Months

Nine months sober, marked by purple, signifies recovery as a fully integrated lifestyle. Seasons have passed while upholding sobriety through the community. 

Purple reinforces resilience and pride in progress that makes relapse seem foolish, having come too far. It celebrates strength and expertise to handle whatever arises.

11. Gold Chip: 10 Months

Ten months sober or a year’s approach celebrated through gold demonstrates a near year fully alcohol-free. Recovery defines normalcy, while invaluable skills strengthen resolve.

Gold proves lifelong sobriety is achievable through a focus on wellness and growth each new day.

12. Green Chip: 11 Months 

Eleven months of sustained recovery, shown through green, cements healthy living as a lifestyle. Seasons come and go with maintained sobriety. 

Green symbolizes strengths, community, and experience built to live superbly no matter what’s ahead.

13. Bronze Chip: 1 Year

One whole year or bronze chip marks a momentous milestone. A complete year remains alcohol-free while recovery roots naturally into living. 

Bronze proves lifelong sobriety possible by consciously tending to growth and using a support network to weather life’s ups and downs smoothly sober.

Taking it One Day at a Time 

No matter where you are on your road to sobriety, AA chips in order stand as heartening reminders of all that has been overcome already to get to this point. 

For anyone just starting, that very first small token symbolizes the 24 hours still ahead. Red, gold, green, and all the shades following will accumulate one by one to commemorate your strength, courage, and dedication to lifelong recovery living. 

May these beloved traditions bring perspective and encouragement during challenges throughout your journey. Take things just one milestone at a time; you’ve got this!

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