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The Impact of Digital Transformation: The Future (2023)

Look around and observe where technology is heading and what kind of steps emerging businesses and enterprises should ideally be taking right now. From our perspective, this is the perfect time to keep up with trends and see where the entire ecosystem is transitioning towards. There is enough discourse out there on NFTs and Web3 – but only a few have figured out how the intersection of it all will play out. 

If we look at digital transformation in particular and see how the field of IT is rapidly evolving to newer extends, there is so much to cover, and for you to learn and adapt. The economic challenges faced during the pandemic have given the IT industry the opportunity to come forward with innovative ideas and we can clearly witness how mobile app developers in Houston and elsewhere have been experimenting around. 

And so far, considering how successful on-demand apps are these days – we can claim that the experiments have been successful. Keep reading as we disclose how digital transformation will change the entire industry for the better in the upcoming future. 

Market Stats

In terms of numbers, the future is promising and unpredictable at the same time. Let us elaborate. While we can see a growth pattern in the usage of different digital transformation technologies, it should be acknowledged that the pattern is not linear – but we are rather foreseeing exponential growth.

Digital transformation is picking pace quicker than we had assumed and now is the ideal time to 

research how your own digital product could fit into the wider scheme of things. Over $1.5 trillion was spent on digital transformation in 2021 alone and considering what the predictions say – we can see investment being totaled at around $8.3 billion by 2028. 

And the best fact is that there is trust when it comes to digital transformation, business leaders at leading corporations believe that digital transformation will disrupt the industry in a good way. Hire Android app developer and be ready  

Expectations Underway

Now, when we look at the trends and see where different technologies are heading in their respective areas – there is a lot to learn and reflect upon. Figure out what would align well with your business and move forward accordingly. 


In an interconnected world, there are cons attached as well. And considering how users often have to upload sensitive information to access apps and navigate through life – having proper frameworks around cybersecurity and safeguarding privacy is important. We have seen concepts like end-to-end encryption emerge and be an essential part of every platform. As well as different protocols leading the way. 

Organizations are more conscious of how they keep a track of personal information and the boundaries surrounding it. For an eCommerce store – it could be credit card information and purchase history, along with other kinds of data. To build trust among your audience, you need to acknowledge security as a core need for any digital process. 

AI and machine learning

Artificial intelligence is more than a concept and while it is an essential part of many industries now, in the future, we are looking at a world that will be more machine dependent than ever before. Although, replacing actual labor is not possible but AI is proving to be a helping hand. Robotic processes are underway and algorithms are powerful enough to predict behavior that would be impossible otherwise. 

Big data is present and in the upcoming decade, AI along with machine learning is going to play an even more influential role. Artificial intelligence is one of the main driving forces behind digital transformation and a 52% growth rate is expected by 2025. 

Low-code tools

Productivity matters and with instant gratification being in demand, things are more streamlined and quicker than you might assume. Digital transformation is highly dependent on how organizations are ready to embrace new technologies and willing to step out of their comfort zone. 

Low-code or no-code tools is a recent concept where the development environment is GUI (graphical user interface) based and the main goal is to empower everyone to build digital products easily. Just drag-and-drop and create an application from scratch. In the future, low-code tools will dominate how workflow takes place according to Gartner. 

Cloud technology

Cloud is the future and will define how we perceive all kinds of data. If we look at gaming for instance, with the integration of 5G to a high extent – streaming games on the cloud will not be difficult at all. And businesses know that relying on a server that is cloud-based is more convenient and secure than a physical one. 

Flexera’s 2022 State of the Cloud Report even claimed that 89% of companies have completely shifted over to cloud servers for data storage. It is secure and more accessible, and extracting data later is easier. It is time you look around and adopt the technology as well. 

Remote work

In a post-pandemic era, with everything being more global – the idea of how we work has evolved and a hybrid or a completely remote model is the norm now. And remote work has enabled better connectivity and cross-idea collaboration. Be global and work from anywhere and recruit a team from overseas, anywhere basically. 

Work based around flutter app development services can be done by a dedicated team of developers from the comfort of their home or even a café. A conventional office is outdated and digital transformation aims to disrupt the workforce even more with better integration of different technologies. 

Augmented reality

The concept of augmented reality has surpassed the expectations of both investors and consumers. No one had expected the discourse around AR technology to evolve to a high extent but here we are – looking at an ecosystem where Web3 and the Metaverse are fully dependent on the integration of AR technology. And AR is impacting more fields than you would assume. From healthcare to gaming – augmented reality has proven to help every stakeholder involved. 

Augmented reality is playing a crucial role in organizations and how redefining dynamics. Figures show us that the global market for AR technology is projected to be worth around 72.8 billion dollars in the coming decade. 

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