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The Difference between MacBook Air and Pro – Everything to Know


The latest MacBook Air and Pro laptops share similar aesthetics, with the former being slightly slimmer. Both offer beautiful anti-glare displays with large keyboards featuring excellent finger travel, but what’s the major difference between the two?

1. Processor

No matter if it is the MacBook Air or Pro, both machines feature powerful processors with fast, responsive processing speeds. While the Air is smaller and lighter, its battery life is greater. Meanwhile, its Pro counterpart offers larger displays, better speakers, and an extensive array of ports.

The Air’s latest model marks a departure from its wedge design. Instead, its slimmer and more streamlined appearance is now 20% smaller in volume. Additionally, another difference between MacBook Air and Pro is that it sports a larger edge-to-edge display and FaceID support as well as some eye-catching colors to choose from. This device boasts faster charging capabilities with MagSafe charging ports compatible with Apple USB-C cables for maximum convenience.

The MacBook Air relies on an Intel M2 chip to combine performance with efficiency for optimal speed and battery life, giving users fast performance as well as up to 16GB of RAM capacity.

The Pro has more versatile ports than its Air counterpart, including three Thunderbolt 4 ports and an SDXC card slot. There’s also a 3.5mm headphone jack as well as support for four external displays. Multiple configurations with up to 10-core CPU and 8TB SSD storage are available for purchase.

2. Memory

MacBook Airs and Pros both allow plenty of room for expansion, though the maximum memory you can add depends on which model. New MacBook Airs equipped with Apple’s second-generation silicon (as seen here) which can support up to 16GB of RAM while 2022 MacBook Pros support 24GB maximum compatible memory.

Both laptops feature stunning edge-to-edge displays with Apple’s signature modern aesthetic, and both include headphone jacks, faster charging capabilities, and the new MagSafe power port for seamless use.

One key difference between the two models is that MacBook Pros feature more internal hardware, including additional ports and a larger cooling fan than their Air counterparts, which results in the 14-inch MacBook Pro being 0.17 inches thicker and almost a pound heavier. While this difference is obvious when viewing both laptops side-by-side, it is also crucial when purchasing your next Mac.

Storage will see an impressive boost when upgrading to the MacBook Pro. An Air starts with 256GB, while its counterpart offers up to 8TB if configured accordingly. However, note that an external SSD costs approximately 1/4th as much as upgrading directly.

3. Storage

Once again, both Mac models offer plenty of storage by default; if you need additional space quickly and effortlessly, however, Airs offer an easier path than Pros to expand their capacity.

As far as laptops go, both Apple’s MacBook Air and Pro lines share many similarities in storage. Both feature Apple’s superb keyboard with Touch ID for easy computer unlocking; both offer excellent displays; however, the Pro lineup offers additional screen sizes than its Air counterpart; both offer Thunderbolt 4 (USB-C) ports while both provide MagSafe power connectors; however, only the latter offers additional USB-C ports, SDXC card slot support, and HDMI output compared to just two on the former.

Most people can satisfy their computing needs with an Air model; upgrading to 512GB storage can offer extra peace of mind should space be an issue. But those looking for all of the extra bells and whistles of a Pro model will find it worth investing more; upgrading even to a 16-inch Pro could give your apps and games the boost they require!

4. Graphics

Apple updated the Air with an M2 chip in 2022, providing a slight performance boost that made most tasks seem quicker and lighter overall. At just 0.2 pounds lighter than its Pro counterpart, its portability can make all the difference when carrying your laptop throughout your day.

The MacBook Air’s latest model ( is an elegant machine, forgoing its predecessor’s wedge design in favor of something closer to that found on Pro machines. Still, ultra-thin at its thickest point and features tapered edges for easier usage at the front. There are more colors to choose from so it should be easy finding one to suit you!

Like all Macs, the new Air and Pro feature an excellent trackpad that is responsive and supports Touch Bar functionality on 13-inch models. Their keyboards are equally impressive with well-shaped keys providing ample travel for each keystroke and featuring 1080p webcams for videoconferencing and spatial audio support – providing richness and depth through virtual surround sound through speakers surrounding you.

Both MacBooks run macOS, providing seamless integration among devices. For instance, adding an event to an iPhone calendar automatically syncs it to the Mac Calendar app and vice versa. Both MacBooks feature powerful processors capable of supporting high-resolution video playback as well as multitasking without issue.

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