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The Best Mobile Mounts for Uber Drivers in 2023

Uber drivers looking for quality mobile mounts should look for one that balances functionality, convenience, and safety. They rely on their smartphones for navigation, communication, and ride management functions – so having access to reliable mounting solutions becomes essential.

1. Vent Mounts:

Vent mounts are designed to mount mobile devices onto air vents within your car and keep them securely in place. They usually consist of an attachment that clips or clamps securely around each vent slat and an adjustable cradle or holder for your phone, along with any necessary adaptors that might be needed to access ports on them.

Pros of Vent Mounts:

Ease of Installation: Vent mounts can be easily set up without using glue or tools – simply clipping them onto an air vent will get them working!

Adjustability: Many vent mounts offer adjustable arms or grips so you can easily fit phones of varying sizes or orientations into them.

Vent mounts pose minimal obstruction for drivers while on the road, providing a clear line of sight.

Cons: Blocking Airflow: Mounts can partially block airflow through their attachment points and may reduce or inhibit their effectiveness when used with car heating and cooling systems.

Compatibility: Vehicle vent designs vary considerably, and a good match must exist with all vent mounts on the market. When purchasing vents for your vehicle, check for compatibility before installing.

Vent mounts provide drivers with a simple and quick solution for holding their phones in easily accessible locations without interference with air vents, making them the perfect accessory.

2. Magnetic Mounts:

Magnetic mounts use potent magnets to anchor mobile devices securely into place. Usually consisting of two components – an adhesive magnetic plate attached directly to your phone case and one within the mount with magnetic solid forces – magnetic mounts provide reliable mobile device security.


Ease of Use: Magnetic mounts make using your phone or case easy: connect the magnetic plate, attach and unattached using its magnetized connection, and use your magnetic connection for quick and effortless mounting and unmounting of your phone from its mount.

360-Degree Rotation: Many magnetic mounts offer 360-degree rotation, giving you complete control to customize the angle for optimal viewing of your phone’s display. Furthermore, Magnetic mounts boast clean looks without requiring clips, clamps, or arms – giving your car’s interior an uncluttered and minimalist appearance.


Wireless Charging Compatibility: Metal plates found on phones or cases may obstruct wireless charging functionality on specific devices, so be sure to test for compatibility before charging wirelessly.

Magnet Strength: Mounts vary regarding their magnetic connection strength, so choose one with enough magnetism to keep your phone secure.

Best Uses: Magnetic mounts are an excellent option for drivers who value ease and comfort in using their phones, such as Uber drivers who frequently attach and detach their phones from their mounts for navigation purposes or accepting ride requests. They’re incredibly well suited for frequent attachment and removal processes that must occur, like Uber drivers relying on navigation apps on their phones to receive ride requests and accept reservations.

3. Dashboard Mounts:

These mounts attach securely to your car’s dashboard, offering a stable platform to hold mobile devices like phones. Many come equipped with adjustable arms or holders to place them at an optimal viewing angle for you and other passengers in the car. You can browse a variety of mounts on the website

Pros of Dashboard Mounts (for Cellphones):

Stability: While dashboard mounts can provide secure storage for your phone, they are less prone to vibrations or movement than vent mounts.

Adjustability: Many dashboard mounts feature adjustable arms, swivel heads, or telescoping features so you can customize your phone’s viewing angle and position for optimal use.

Clear Line of Sight: Dashboard mounts typically do not obstruct your windshield or vents, giving you an uninterrupted line of sight while driving.


Installation: Attaching dashboard mounts may involve using glue, screws, or other hardware, which could leave marks or cause permanent damage to the dash. Some drivers may prefer not to attach anything at all.

Potential Reflections: Depending on the placement and material of your dashboard, reflections could appear on your phone screen in bright sunlight, creating issues for viewing purposes.

Dashboard mounts can be an ideal option for drivers who value stability and adjustability in their phone mounts but are OK with installing one themselves while driving. They allow a clear view of their screen while they go.

4. Windshield Mounts: 

These mounts attach securely to your windshield using suction cups or adhesive, giving a clear line-of-sight between your mobile device and its clear view in front of it. They are often equipped with extendable arms to provide convenient positioning options.

Pros: Windshield mounts provide an unobstructed view of your phone screen, making it simple and quick to see navigation directions, ride requests, and other vital data.

Adjustability: Most windshield mounts offer adjustable arms and swivel heads to enable precise placement of your phone for maximum visibility.

Long Arm: Extendable windshield mount arms provide drivers with easy and accessible ways to use their phones without stretching out, taking their eyes away, or being distracted from driving.

Cons: Placing Restrictions: Some state laws may limit where mounts may be mounted on windshields if they obstruct significant portions of a driver’s view; please check local regulations before mounting equipment on windshields.

Suction Cup Reliability: Extreme temperatures can drastically diminish the effectiveness of suction cups, leading to occasional loss of suction power and suction power altogether.

Windshield mounts can provide drivers who value an unobstructed view of their phone screen with an extendable arm to position the phone for easy reach while driving.

5. Wireless Charging Mounts (WLCMs):

These wireless charging mounts secure your mobile device securely and can also charge it wirelessly. Typical chargers feature a cradle or holder to securely hold the phone while providing built-in charging technology and a mechanism to attach to the car dashboard.

Pros of Wireless Charging Mounts:

Easy Charging: Wireless charging mounts make charging your phone quick and effortless. Put it into the support, and it will begin wirelessly recharging – keeping its battery up throughout Uber rides!

Reduce Cable Clutter: Without running cables into your car’s interior, cable clutter may become reduced and clutter-free.

Adjustability: Many wireless charging mounts feature adjustable arms and swivel heads so you can find an optimal viewing angle for your phone.


Compatibility: Wireless charging mounts may not work with all smartphone models. Therefore, before purchasing, confirm if wireless charging supports your handset.

Cost: These models often cost more due to integrated charging technology.

Power Requirements: Before installing wireless charging features on your car, ensure it has access to suitable power sources (e.g., a USB port or 12V outlet) that support it.

Best Use: Wireless charging mounts provide Uber drivers with an effective solution for conveniently powering up their phones while driving – ideal for drivers reliant upon them for navigation and communication.

6. CD Slot Mounts:

Description of CD slot mounts: They’re made to securely fit into any car’s CD player slot and hold your mobile device in place – usually consisting of a cradle that slides in through its opening to cradle or secure.

Cons: Convenient Positioning: CD slot mounts provide an accessible, non-obstructive location to store your phone without removing space from windshield or dashboard visibility. They take advantage of spaces that often go unused.

Stability: These mounts offer a secure hold on your phone to reduce vibrations and movement during Uber rides, limiting vibrational discomfort. Adjustability: Many CD slot mounts offer adjustable grips and heads to customize their angle and positioning according to your needs.

Cons: While CD slot mounts may work with cars that lack CD players, their use occupying CD slot can pose compatibility and use concerns in some situations, and in cases involving heated charging of cell phones near CD slot mounts may pose other problems as well as proximity heat concerns during charging may become an issue.

Damage to CD Slot Mounts: Prolonged use of CD slot mounts may gradually wear away the CD player slot over time; this should typically only present as minor problems.

Best Use: CD slot mounts make an excellent solution for Uber drivers looking for an accessible phone mount without blocking up windshield or dashboard space. Furthermore, these mounts make perfect sense in cars without an active CD player or no longer using CDs themselves.

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