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The Best Addons For Beginners In The World Of Warcraft In 2023

Starting to play World of Warcraft, many do not think about the importance of such things as choosing a server, interface settings, and addons for this very interface. In this article, we will talk specifically about addons and their significance.

In the gaming world, an addon is a new component or modification for an existing video game. These can include new places, characters, quests, changes to the game’s mechanics, and much, much more.

The information in the article is rather aimed at players who play more for fun, rather than to take the top DPS, and at those who have just started or want to start playing WoW.

Do I need addons?

The first thing we will touch on is whether addons are needed at all. For those who are just starting to play and do not plan to become a PRO player in the future, they may not be required, but they will still be very useful. And for hardcore players, they are surely needed.

Addons, which are also modifications for your interface, can not only greatly simplify your life, but also change the very feeling of the game, both for the better and the worse. Therefore, the choice of addons should be approached thoroughly.

Here is an example. There is such an addon as RareScanner, which shows on your map all the chests, as well as the conditions for some of them to appear. It is very useful at a late stage of the game, that is, after pumping, but still, you can play without it. And there is an ElvUI addon that allows you to fully customize your interface for you, which is easy and useful with the right approach.

List of the best addons

What kind of addons should I put for a beginner or a casual? Now let’s go through the list, and then we will tell you how to install them quickly and easily without unnecessary hassle.


The first addon on our list is the same RareScanner. It will show you all the rare monsters (these are such creatures in the open world, for killing which the reward falls) and all the chests that are scattered around the world, many of which can even get very good loot. Of course, you do not need to forget about the possibility of buying WoW gold SkyCoach, however, there is a special charm in finding all the hidden treasures on your own.

In addition to the labels on the map, the addon also gives you a short description of the conditions under which the rare equipment or item or chest will appear, as well as where geographically it is located, that is, in a cave or on the surface. By the way, the infuriating notification sound that the next chest or rare item is nearby can be disabled in the addon settings.


It allows you to move default windows in the game. Very simple and at the same time, in my opinion, useful.


It allows you to combine all bags into one. It is easier and visually clearer for many, but a lot of users do not employ it, because they are used to default backpacks. In addition, you can see what things your other characters have, but for this, you need to go into the game for them at least once.

The addon is customizable. There is a gear at the top right of your backpack, when you click on it, the settings will open.


These are two addons showing locales on your map. You can put what will be more convenient for you, or two at once, they do not conflict with each other. These addons are needed after pumping when local tasks are opened to you. They are convenient because they are easier and faster to navigate.


This is probably the most useful addon of all. It will be useful to many (especially beginners) and greatly simplify life not only for you but also for others. What does this addon do? It tells you how to play. During the boss battle, he will tell you when to jump back or move away, when the boss uses this or that ability, and so on.

Why is it useful for you and especially for others? You went on a raid like that, fighting the boss along with 24 other people. Here the boss throws an ability that covers the entire raid and vape. It will be very disappointing if this happens because of you. WoW players are far from the most toxic, but still, no one will be happy if you ruin all tactics at some point. So to avoid this, this addon exists.


If you do not like to open the whole map yourself, then this addon is for you. It opens up all the locations to you, which is convenient. However, it will be more interesting for beginners to study the world map themselves. Also, this addon will help you get the achievement of opening the entire map. You can configure it so that it highlights undiscovered areas for you.

Where is the best place to install addons?

There are many ways to install addons. However, perhaps the most convenient way is to install an application in which you can immediately install all the addons you need or watch many others. Also, due to the features of World of Warcraft being constantly updated, it is necessary to update the versions of addons. You can also do this inside the application, which is very convenient and simple. There is a button that will immediately update all your addons, which eliminates the need to rummage the Internet in search of current versions.

Are addons dangerous?

Sometimes people doubt whether to install modifications to the game, referring to the fact that they can be banned. Is it true? If addons were banned, then the game would hardly have a “Modifications” tab. Millions of people use addons, and no one bans them, since they affect the interface of the game, not the gameplay.


If you have just started playing World of Warcraft or are planning to start, then you do not need to immediately install addons for yourself. They are assistants, not a mandatory part of the game. Play for fun with the basic features that the game gives. In the future, you can set yourself what you need.

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