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Switched Extension Cord: Convenient Power Control At Your Fingertips

Switched Extension Cord

Are you trying to find a switched extension cord? Then you’re in the correct place. If you merely buy whichever extension cable happens to be in stock at the hardware store, you might not know that there are alternatives that are safer, more resilient, and more versatile, as well as much simpler to use in cold weather.

This post covers everything you need to learn about switched extension cords to purchase the right one and use them properly.

What is a Switched Extension Cord?

Switched Extension Cord

Switched extension cords, as the name implies, are power strips with specialized switches that govern the power supply to their sockets.

These are available in various sizes and shapes, with some 30 AMP power strips, including USB ports, enabling you to free up outlets for ordinary plug-in devices.

The switches serve a dual purpose. Firstly, if you’re not using the devices plugged into the strip, you may flip the switch to “off” and be confident that nothing is draining power from the strip. Secondly, some will automatically turn off if the quantity of electricity conducted by the cord is excessively high or during a power surge caused by a lightning strike or other such event.

How to Select a Switched Extension Cord?

If you wish to shop for an extension cable with a switch, the smartest approach is to consult a detailed buyer’s guide. Before you decide, you must ensure that your switched extension cord ticks some vital boxes.

Let’s investigate them below:


The item’s quality needs to be top-notch. It should be robust and have a lifespan guarantee of at least a year. Reviewing the experiences of others who have purchased and employed the product is a reliable method for determining its quality.


When you buy a product from any website or store, check to see if all of the functionalities of the product you want are included in the exact model you want to add to your cart. Also, you may read comments about each feature from other users before deciding whether or not they are appropriate for your needs.


Price is a crucial consideration when purchasing anything, whether online or offline. You need to determine how much money you are willing to pay for this item, calculate that amount, and then compare it to the pricing offered by other vendors selling items that are identical but priced differently. Higher-priced options may be of excellent quality and last longer than the cheaper options that are abundant on the market nowadays, so go for those if there is a significant price gap.

Essential Considerations For Switched Extension Cords

1. Recommended Power Rating

A quality extension cable should feature at least a 15-amp power rating, 12-gauge wires, and third-party certification from UL or Intertek. These extension cords typically have an elastomer sheath that allows easy coiling and flexibility to lay flat on the ground consistently. You may also choose units with illuminated ends, which makes checking for power flow along the line easy. Although several lengths are available for extension cords, 50 feet is the most beneficial for general use since it’s sufficient for use outdoors yet not so long that it becomes heavy or challenging to coil up.

2. Third-party Approval

Third-party approved, SJEOW rated: Any cord labeled by UL (UL Listed) or Intertek (ETL Listed) has been verified for certain safety and performance criteria by a credible third party. This guarantees the cord’s dependability and that it can be used reliably within its stated power rating limits. The specific details of this inspection are denoted by a string of letters printed on one side of the cord. Thus, it’s recommended that SJEOW and SJEOOW cords are ideal for residential use.

It is beneficial to learn the meaning of each letter in these codes to differentiate between the recommended SJEOW and SJEOOW cords versus the more widely available and cheaper SJTW cables, which dominate the shelves of big-box stores.

3. Always look at the details of a product

It’s a huge error to buy something without first reading the description. The main issue with today’s internet shoppers is that they base almost all of their purchases on the visual presentation of the product. They don’t bother reading through to get the salient points. To avoid buyer’s regret, read up on the item thoroughly before putting it into your cart.

4. Evaluate Costs of Comparable Items

The point of making price comparisons is to get the best possible item at the lowest possible price. Some shoppers have no problem shelling out cash for heavily reduced items, but others are wary of these “too good to be true” offers. Won’t you agree that when they pay less, they get less? This is quite obvious. Therefore, the best strategy to maximize purchasing power is to compare costs and product quality.

5. Calculate Shipping Fees

The law stipulates that an online retailer must send an order within the timeframe specified at the time of purchase or as advertised. Unless otherwise specified or subject to change, orders will typically ship and arrive within 30 days of purchase. Shipping costs can also change based on where you live, how much your order costs, how big it is, and when you want it delivered. Numerous businesses provide “free shipping” on orders that meet a minimum quantity or price requirement. Although this can be an excellent strategy to save money, it deters customers who only want to purchase one or two things.


Extension cables are beneficial when it comes to powering equipment that would otherwise need an outlet in an inconvenient location. You should remember a few things to ensure that your switched extension cord will last as long as possible and that you will remain safe using it. First, they shouldn’t be used carelessly. Using an extension cord to power a gadget is convenient, but the cord should remain unplugged if the appliance is not in use. This is especially true when putting up holiday lights requiring an outdoor-rated extension cord.

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