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Storing Grain Products in an Attractive and Effective Way

Grain products make up a large portion of most people’s diets, but they are also uniquely suited to losing their freshness under many circumstances. Storing unprocessed grain like oats is relatively easy, but keeping a finished product like a snack bar fresh limits your options. Custom mylar bags are often the solution that works best for snacks and other ready-to-eat products.

Custom Printed Package Designs

There are a few different types of packaging that are common for grain-based snacks, depending on exactly what you are making.

  • Stick packs
  • Stand-up pouches and bags
  • Canister packaging
  • Vacuum-sealed single use bags
  • Air bags, sometimes inside boxes to protect them

Canister packaging is basically only used for bulk products that are minimally processed, like oats or other hot cereals. Air bags are common for chips and other small items that are easily crushed, but what they are made from matters. Some materials are better at maintaining freshness than others.

Stick packs and resealable bags or pouches are the most popular with grain snacks like granola bars or baked goods. Stick pack packaging is great at minimizing space and material needed for single-use items, whereas a resealable pack is the best way to make storage convenient for multi-serving packages.

Protective Mylar Packaging

Mylar is a popular form of packaging across many types of food products because it is so effective as a protective material. It is generally rugged, so it does not tear easily. Most importantly, it produces an airtight seal that maximizes the time food can be stored fresh. Mylar is also easy to make into resealable packaging, so customers do not have to think through storage when they open multi-serving bags.

Mylar is so effective as a form of packaging for foods that there is an entire list of foods to store in mylar bags because it is a best practice, and many of them are foods that otherwise go stale quickly, like ground coffee. It’s simply that effective. One of the ways you can tell it creates a great seal is because it contains the scent of strong-smelling items like coffee.

Many other forms of packaging still allow for some scent to escape, and that means they are not truly airtight. If they were, it would be contained inside the package. It is only because air can get in and out that the scent compounds can.

Design Your Next Wave of Packaging

Another reason mylar is so popular is because it is basically all printable surface. That makes it easy to design attractive packaging that communicates everything from your brand message to the vital nutrition information your customers need to make informed choices. If you have never worked with the kind of packaging you are considering, many manufacturers have people on staff whose entire job is to help you fulfill your vision.

Start the process of designing your next product packaging today by getting in touch with a producer of custom mylar bags. Learning about your options and minimum order size is the first step toward rolling out that new design.

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