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Star Swim Schools Review

Stars Swim Schools recognizes the value of teaching babies aquatic skills and safety from an early age, and is dedicated to offering quality lessons with meaningful results in a supportive learning-to-swim environment. In addition, Swimming lessons Cranbourne is part of SWIM Coaches and Teachers Australia which offers best practice guidelines, aquatic qualifications, professional development programs and growth opportunities to its members.


Learn-to-Swim program offers year round, progressive instruction to Babies through Adults. Each lesson is led by a coach for consistency of training and to facilitate faster progression through levels.

At our school, each child gets the individual attention necessary to advance in swimming. This enables us to build meaningful relationships with all our swimmers while creating a fun environment at the pool.

Our instructors are certified swim school instructors with years of experience. As members of Swim Australia, they receive professional development opportunities such as best practice guidelines, aquatic qualifications and growth programs to stay abreast of current teaching methods to give our swimmers an unforgettable swimming experience. Classes take place in heated indoor pools which help kids acclimate to colder outdoor waters more gradually.

Heated Indoor Pools

Heated swimming pools can provide an invaluable boost for mental wellbeing. After an exhausting workout, relaxing your muscles with warm water helps ease soreness while improving blood flow. Plus, they make getting exercise no matter the weather much simpler.

Star swim teachers know each child by name and enjoy engaging them through play-based learning sessions tailored specifically for them, using a tested program designed to produce quality training sessions with lasting results. Their goal is to offer Babies an enjoyable and developmentally appropriate learning-to-swim environment.

Safety First

Swimming class Cranbourne was established with the belief that water skills and safety are integral life lessons for children. Their commitment to providing quality training sessions with significant outcomes in an engaging learn-to-swim environment demonstrates this fact, helping children become safer and healthier as a result. Their highly trained, friendly staff enjoy building strong relationships with students of all ages while teaching them respect for water and their bodies – they take great pride in their innovative program which achieves tangible progress each week; all instructors are CPR/First Aid certified so as to guarantee your child’s safety during his or her experience!

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Swimming Benefits

Swimming can be an excellent way to unwind, improve your mood, and get an all-over body workout. Swimming is especially helpful if you struggle to sleep due to anxiety and depression.

Pilates helps build muscles across all major muscle groups, including your core. Furthermore, this low-impact exercise is gentle on joints – even suitable for people suffering from arthritis or other joint issues.

Reduces Stress

Stress is an integral component of life, yet chronic anxiety can lead to health complications like headaches, high blood pressure, digestive issues and depression. Finding effective methods of alleviating your stress levels is essential for both your physical and mental wellbeing – one such way is swimming.

Swimming provides an efficient full-body workout that strengthens all major muscle groups – including your legs’ triceps brachii, latissimus dorsi and quadriceps muscles; shoulders (deltoids); chest (pectoralis major); and hips (glutes). Furthermore, intense strokes such as butterfly can burn an impressive 400 calories every 30 minutes!

Swimming also stimulates your brain to release neurochemicals that boost your mood, elevating your state of mind. Plus, its weightlessness helps alleviate stress by taking pressure off joints – perfect for people living with arthritis and similar joint issues – or pregnant women looking for an ideal workout during gestation! Swimming provides many health benefits beyond mere fitness – including improving mental and physical wellbeing! It can even be an ideal workout during gestation; provided it’s done safely!

Improves Mental Health

Studies show that swimming increases levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factor protein, leading to new neurons being created and improving memory, mood and cognition. Swimming can also help you get enough restful sleep – lacking sleep can contribute to depression, stress and low self-esteem; its lack of contact makes swimming an excellent stress reliever; it forces you to focus on breathing deeply so you can manage anxiety or panic attacks more effectively.

Recreational swimming and spending time in water releases feel-good chemicals called endorphins that boost your mood and make you smile, which in turn help ease depression symptoms. Studies also indicate that when exercising in water, your hippocampus expands, helping combat damage caused by stress and depression by improving memory, concentration, decision-making processes. Swimming also increases blood flow to muscles and brain.

Increases Muscle Strength

Swimming provides a full-body workout, targeting muscles all across the body with different strokes targeting particular groups more effectively; butterfly is great for working triceps and biceps while backstroke works pectoralis major. Furthermore, water provides 12-14x greater resistance than air which can help increase strength significantly.

Water’s buoyancy helps reduce stress on weight bearing joints, making swimming an excellent way to exercise for those living with joint conditions such as arthritis. If open water doesn’t appeal, or if you don’t have access to one, take swimming lessons from your local gym or YMCA/YWCA for optimal results.

Start slowly, gradually increasing distance over time. For optimal results, receive swimming lessons from an experienced instructor, who can guide your technique and teach the proper form. By practicing correct techniques you may achieve faster times in races while increasing endurance levels overall.

Burns Calories

Swimming requires your entire muscular system to propel yourself through water, making this total-body exercise suitable for recreational activity or rigorous athletic training, but also accessible to people of all ages and fitness levels. Swimming also helps people burn lots of calories which helps manage weight. Furthermore, water’s buoyancy provides a low-impact workout suitable for those suffering from joint pain or arthritis.

The exact number of calories burned by swimming depends on both speed and effort of each swimmer; however, most commonly it’s calculated using an equation taking into account bodyweight and exertion level. Our free calorie calculator can give an indication of just how many you’re burning while swimming.

Swimming provides numerous cardiovascular advantages, such as lower blood pressure and strengthened heart muscles. Furthermore, studies suggest it may also increase lung capacity and oxygen intake.

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