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Spearhead Towards Success Journey With Customized Cardboard Cigarette Boxes

The earth is boiling, and so is the customer’s blood. Unsustainable and irrelevant packaging drives customers bonkers. Undoubtedly it pisses them off and ultimately pushes them to better options. And why not? No one wants their hard-earned money to go to waste.

Good news! blank cardboard cigarette boxes are your saviour packaging for all the right reasons.

  • It saves the planet and the customers money.
  • Reflects the corporate social responsibility of the billion-dollar brands
  • It breaks the monotony and signals a breath of safe and ecologically friendly practice
  • Encourages competitors to embark on the green journey
  • Drastically levels up the brand marketing game
  • Expands the fan following, popularity, and sales graph

What Are The Prominent Features Of Cardboard Cigarette Boxes Wholesale?

It is tailored as per the client’s need in desired shade, size, and style

  • Crafted from environmentally safe material
  • Provides excellent surface and room for customized printing
  • Cardboard material is super durable and reliable
  • Custom cardboard cigarette boxes improve the lifespan of tobacco-filled cylinders.
  • Its fame game shatters all the popularity records
  • No wrinkling or surface scratch during shipment

How Do Empty Cigarette Boxes With Logo Pay Off The Brand In The Long Run?

Why do you carry a passport or an identification card? Because it tells the world your real identity and proves that you are not a scam. The same goes for the billion-dollar tobacco market.

Empty cigarette boxes with logos are phenomenal for several reasons. Let us take a look at the following table.

In a nutshell, cigarette boxes with logo designs are a 360 game-changer for your brand. It promises to take your tobacco business global like never before. And yeah, all that at economical rates.

How To Give A Tempting Vibe To Custom Blank Cigarette Packaging With Advanced Printing Techniques?

Do you love vanilla-flavoured cakes? Indeed we all do! The red cherry on top of the cake gives it a million-dollar look. Despite the outclass taste, nothing beats the charm of garnishing.

In the same way, custom blank cigarette packaging without customized lamination and finishing is void. Lets us discover the benefits of iCustomBoxes remarkable options

Gloss And Matte Lamination

Give a smooth and glimmery feel to the box with gloss lamination. On the flip side, the matte lamination rocks if you are a sucker for natural and lacklustre packaging. Undoubtedly both are excellent options for elevating the tactile experience of the users.

Aqueous Coating And Spot UV

For full coverage and top-notch finishing, the aqueous coating is the best. On the contrary, spot UV is the coolest if brands want to target a specific area teeming with shine and depth.

Foil Stamping

Top tobacco brands are die-hard fans of exclusive packaging. They leverage the boxes to mesmerize the smokers-leave no stone unturned. And for that, foil stamping is heaven. The gold and silver tint on the boxes is a sight to behold. Thus it convinces the tobacco addicts to splurge.

Moreover, it effortlessly boosts the royal vibes of the cigarette brand.

Embossing And Debossing

Newbie brands try hard to prove their mettle in the cutthroat market. And for that, they are ready to go to lengths. iCustomBoxes offers to emboss and deboss for that purpose.

Do you want to add extra depth to a logo or the image? Go with debossing. Next, you can leave it as it is or fill it up with the ink – the ball is in your court! While the embossing technique is quite the opposite. It gives an elevated feel to the targeted area. Thus perfectly creating attractive packaging.

Why Do Newbies To Big-Scale Companies Select iCustomBoxes-The Pioneer In Customized Packaging?

The demand for custom-printed cardboard cigarette boxes is soaring like hell. The best part? The informative, engaging, and functional boxes are the secret to customers’ gluing.

Trust us; once you ace the packaging, the smokers will cling to your brand for a lifetime. And there is no going back. The clock is ticking, competition is rising, and the customers have a lot to choose from it is the turning point for your brand.

Jump on the fast lane with iCustomBoxes and order custom cigarette boxes wholesale. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, we are the BEST, and we mean it.

  • Professional service
  • Quick turnaround
  • Safe and free shipment
  • Doorstep service
  • No die-cut or plate charges (no extra cost)
  • Easy, reliable, and fast payment procedure
  • Free design support
  • Cooperative and experienced customer agents
  • We use high-tech printing equipment
  • Ecological-friendly paper
  • Variety in sizes, shades, and designs
  • Zero compromises on the paper material and finishing
  • For unsatisfactory quality, we offer 100% money payback

The crux of the story: if you are looking for a roller coaster package, you are in the perfect spot!

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