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Six Factors to Think About When Selecting a Cryptocurrency Exchange

Cryptocurrency Exchange

Crypto mania is still going strong. Everyone is rushing to understand more about the potential of this fantastic technology, from ambitious millennials to significant financial organizations. They are more interested in finding out how to profit from the frenzy. Selecting a bitcoin exchange is necessary.

More individuals will start to wonder what platform they should use to buy and sell these assets as cryptocurrency develops and becomes more widely adopted. Users have different levels of bitcoin and investment understanding, and there are hundreds of options to look at among exchanges.

1. Security and Authenticity

It is crucial to conduct research and select a reliable and safe platform. Prospective cryptocurrency investors are strongly advised to investigate the exchange’s security protocol in light of the early example of Mt. Gox and the most recent theft of Coincheck.

Pump-and-dump tactics are currently one of the main problems facing the bitcoin sector. Exchanges are in charge of stopping this scam. The obligation to stop this fraud falls on the exchanges with the aid of the tokens, and that is where they are assisted.

2. The means of Payment.

On different sites, there are several ways to buy cryptocurrencies. Some exchanges only allow cryptocurrency purchases, while others accept credit and debit cards, PayPal, bank transfers, and bank deposits.

Selecting a platform that takes fiat money is crucial if you lack bitcoin before joining an exchange to access the market. It’s also critical to consider how long it takes to finish a transaction. While some platforms may take days or weeks, specific platforms execute trades quickly.

3. Tokens Supported

The majority of exchanges support Bitcoin and Ethereum, but cryptocurrency investors are aware that this is just the beginning. The supported cryptocurrencies vary significantly between exchanges; some, like the KuCoin crypto exchange, trade many alternative cryptocurrencies, while Coinbase only trades four big ones.

With “stable currencies,” which traders frequently utilize as insurance against the volatility seen in cryptocurrency markets, you may further balance your bets. For instance, TrueUSD is a cryptocurrency directly collateralized by a network of banks and backed by the US dollar. Token holders are given legal security through custodial accounts, and direct banking ensures that the corporation never has direct access to the cash. The custodian accounts also provide complete legal protection and allow for routine audits.

TrueUSD provides a uniform, stable currency across all digital exchanges since the US Dollar backs it. A new alternative is desperately required as Tether, the current USD stable currency, was subpoenaed by the SEC.

Whatever your level of risk tolerance, be careful to pick an exchange or exchanges that accept all of the cryptocurrency tokens you wish to buy. These exchange rates are influenced by metrics, such as 24-hour volume and market value, which should be tracked.

4. A Broker, P2P Exchange, or Trading Platform

Before selecting a bitcoin exchange, you need to be familiar with the three primary types of exchanges.

The most popular trading platforms are Binance, Coinbase, and KuCoin. They are exchanges where customers may purchase or sell cryptocurrencies. The platform is the sole thing that each user does. Each transaction is also subject to a charge.

P2P exchanges, like Cointal, bring buyers and sellers together for direct interaction. Each transaction is subject to the consent of both sides. P2P exchanges support the maintenance of a safe, trustless cryptocurrency trading system while reducing network congestion.

The first multi-currency P2P exchange is called Cointal. “Dealing on a P2P basis helps reduce any complications and concerns that might develop from traditional exchanges,” says Mohammed Imad, CEO of Cointal.

Similar to FX brokers, cryptocurrency brokers like AvaTrade do business. Buyers may buy cryptocurrencies using the platform, and these brokers establish the pricing.

5. The Cost System

It is crucial to choose a cryptocurrency exchange that has different transaction costs and fee structures from other exchanges. Some exchangers provide reduced prices. When an exchange’s token is used to finalize transactions, this happens. It may also be related to the number of tokens possessed. Others just levied a processing fee on sales, allowing cost-free purchases.

6. The User Interface and Practicality

The user interface and functions are among the most crucial factors for the typical bitcoin investor. An intuitive design and a positive user experience make user activities on the exchange more informed and efficient, regardless of whether you are an experienced cryptocurrency trader or purchasing bitcoin for the first time. Different people will appreciate using various interfaces since user experience is a subjective concept.

However, in the upcoming years, the exchanges with the “best” user experiences will witness the most rise in transaction volume. Exchanges may increase their user counts and transactions by improving their user experience because their worth is primarily based on the number of users they have. Given that they provide customers free tokens in return for utilizing their exchange, KuCoin has seen this degree of growth.

A Comprehensive Analysis

It’s critical to weigh various factors while selecting a bitcoin exchange. Exchanges utilize multiple methods to provide security measures, control user behavior, develop their network, and improve user experience.

In general, try to be aware of all your possibilities and consider how to identify the exchange that will be secure for the time being and profitable in the long term. Lastly, don’t be hesitant to register for and utilize many exchanges.


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