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Simplifying comprehensive leadership training


During leadership training that is comprehensive, we need to master many new concepts. Often these concepts are interrelated and it is important to establish a thorough knowledge and appreciation of the functioning of core concepts before moving on to the next. In inclusive leadership training particularly, it is beneficial to reinforce concepts with nuggets of learning that can be easily digested and understood as a forerunner to testing them out in the real world. We can also return to them time and again as quick snippet reminders of critical ideas to continually ponder. 

Over time, during leadership training, participants will be exposed to the full spectrum of what is needed to be a truly great inclusive leader. However, the progressive integration of concepts and the incremental use of them in real-life situations, that are extremely diverse, leads to increased confidence that one can in fact change and master the new behavior requirements. This more gradual adoption of concepts will also allow leaders to experiment more and incorporate them within themselves in an authentic manner. For example, the use of group participation to generate feelings of inclusion seems like an easy concept to use. 

Making it easier

In reality, getting participation in an extremely diverse group can be a tricky issue necessitating a range of additional leadership skills, including developing empathy, emotional intelligence, awareness, conflict management, etc. The list of learning to be mastered keeps expanding as we strive to really excel in the use of the core concepts. 

When one considers the vast array of growth required to become a truly competent leader, it is apparent that leadership training is a lifelong journey. Inclusive leadership training, with its additional dimensions, lifts the bar significantly higher, demanding an even higher commitment to expand one’s repertoire of abilities rapidly. We want to assimilate as much new learning as quickly as possible and with nuggets, it is a quick and easy way to dip into relevant insights whenever convenient. Accessibility to learning is enhanced and even available on the go.

Most leaders are aware of where their strengths and vulnerabilities lie and will want to target specific skills acquisition. Having a library of clearly categorized and even sub-categorized nuggets of learning will allow for quick navigation and selection. Learning nuggets are a practical resource that allows leadership training to become increasingly flexible and exploratory. During leadership training, we want leaders to be in charge and control the direction of their learning as much as possible to tie into what they most need when they need it. 

Vast options benefits

The beauty of learning nuggets is that they are able to present both scenarios and reflection-based learning. This is complementary, especially in inclusive leadership training that needs to convey the complex subtlety of human interaction and dynamics. Awareness and motivation are enhanced where more scope for safe trial and error is built into the process, allowing learners to see things from many different perspectives.   

Once participants have been exposed to nuggets during leadership training, they will also no doubt see the benefits of introducing this type of learning within their teams. We always want to increase people’s psychological engagement in new ideas, practices, and opportunities. Nuggets present such a solution. 

When we see how easy it is to share nuggets and their shift impact, this can be exciting. The efficiency and injection of life into dialogue, conversation, and problem-solving can be immense. Learning absorption and retention are enhanced by introducing the right learning quickly just when it is imperative and helpful. 

Ultimately, we want to optimally synchronize our own leadership training with our leadership challenges in the workplace for maximum results. With a little strategizing and the help of learning nuggets, we can enhance the return on our investment in ourselves and others.  

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