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Sammy EHR: A quick overview of the best medical software

medical software

Sammy EHR software is the HIPPA-Compliant Electronic Health Record that serves as the ultimate software for the healthcare system. It has been used for over 30 years now.

It provides its assistance in small to medium-sized practices with a wide range of other specialties including the management of the healthcare practices, billing, prescriptions, and appointments. It is a podiatry-specific program which means it scales from small to medium-sized organizations. 

 Sammy EHR helps the healthcare systems to keep a record of the patient’s history as well as the billing of the entire process. Sammy EHR has made it easier for the users to seek medical assistance online with making an online appointment and getting the prescription. The hurdles of the past are now gone as with Sammy EHR, it is going to be just a click.


 We all remember the days when we had to get the appointment after missing our tough schedule, a simple modification in the prescription would require us to wait for months. Now, with Sammy EHR, all your medical queries are just a few seconds away. Patients can now get medical assistance on the fly. 

The patients’ portal allows the patient to not only have their current ailment but also get to check up on their previous medical record. It will benefit the patients to single out each detail of their health history. This not only helps the patients, but it helps the doctors to have a detailed timeline of the patient’s history. The amount of time wasted on collecting the previous reports of the patients will now be saved. Moreover, this will allow the doctor to focus more efficiently on the patient. Sammy EHR is best ehr for orthopedics .

Key Features

Its latest features have increased the pace of doctor-patient interaction. Moreover, the revenues and practices have also been increased by the efficiency of the Sammy EHR software.

Time management

by getting the previous results of the patients, doctors save time and patients do not have to worry about the misplacement of their medical records.

Patient history

As mentioned above, the total history of the patients can be accessed with just one click. It benefits both, the doctor and the patients. This will help doctors to keep a check on the patients; their current status, the usage of the medications, new development can also be studied with the help of the patient’s history. 

Online payments

It is no longer the requirement of the patient to go all the way to the counters to pay for the medicines or appointments. With Sammy EHR, the online payment of the prescriptions can be made. This way, the prescriptions can be saved by the users n order to reuse the prescription. 


The doctors can now prescribe medicines online. This means they will not have to cancel a leave or vacation to prescribe medicines. This will change how things used to be for doctors and patients. It will be much more feasible for both clinicians and patients to connect. 

Lab results and Reports

With Sammy EHR, you can acquire your results and reports by clicking. Who would have thought about it? But that is the reality with Sammy EHR. There will be no bunch of torn files and reports because everything will be in hand with one click.


The charting process helps the clinicians to instantly get the history of the patients. To know better if the patient has made the regular follow-ups or not. A complete view of the patient can be acquired through the charting. 

Voice Recognition

Patients can also use their voice to list out the concerns which are then converted into notes that can be accessed by the doctors. There will be lesser chances of mistakes through this process of voice recognition. It is also going to save a lot of time for both doctors and patients as it will be an instant way to connect. 

Self Service

Sammy EHR has the distinctive feature of self-service support. This means that users can manage their profiles by adding or cutting information. They can also take the training to learn to use the software for better results. 


The process of scheduling an appointment has been made easier by Sammy EHR as the patients can now book an appointment online by just making one click. This way a lot of time has been saved which used to haunt the patient and the doctor as well. Now, with Sammy EHR, things will change for people. Its altogether entering into a new world of healthcare technology.

Sammy EHR Reviews

People have talked about the software with different reviews. People have pointed out the efficiency of the software. The lab results are very easily accessed through the SAMMY EHR. However, many people have complained about the working of the software as they have faced hurdles in templates.  They found the templates to be limited. In conclusion, the reviews are positive as they mostly mention the benefits of the software.


Sammy EHR DEMO is free for users. The demo is about the software’s vision. Basically, about what they are providing through their software. The software excels in providing health care assistance through e-prescription, patient portal, time scheduling, and online appointment. These accumulate to bring the best software for the enhanced quality of the healthcare system. 

Sammy EHR stands out with its user-friendly quality. The connection between the patient and the doctor is now made hassle-free with the services that are provided by the software. The relationship between the doctor and patient is now made easy through the software’s excellent performance in the healthcare system. Doctors are no longer hard to reach as they will be available for instant help. That is made possible by Sammy EHR. Overall, Sammy EHR helps to give you the best experience in the healthcare system. 

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