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Rent-A-Girlfriend Manga Review

Rent-A-Girlfriend Manga Review

You may have heard of the popular anime Rent-A-Girlfriend, which will debut this summer. You might also have heard of the manga adaptation of the anime, published by Kodansha Comics. It’s a fun story about Kazuya, who is a boy who rents a girl named Chizuru. After the anime premieres, the manga will soon follow the story of Kazuya and Chizuru.

Chizuru Mizuhara

Chizuru Mizuhara is an adorable and fierce character. Despite the fact that her relationship isn’t a relationship, she takes great pride in her job. At one point in the manga, Kazuya thinks he can tell her off during a date, but she rips him a new one.

Kazuya is a college student who recently lost his fiance. In order to move on from this devastation, he decides to find a new girlfriend. After searching online, he discovers a girl called Chizuru. The girl seems like the perfect girlfriend, but he soon realizes that she’s just playing with him. He finds out her real nature and she comes out as a fiery feisty individual.

In the beginning of the manga, Kazuya follows Chizuru and Umi around. He believes that they’re in a relationship, and then learns two major reveals in Chapter 45. In the end, he realizes that Mami is renting her out and that they’re not actually dating. He also discovers that Compensated Dating is illegal for prostitution.


In Rent-A-Girlfriend, the titular rental girl, Chizuru, is a compelling character, but only when she isn’t working. The smart and savvy Chizuru sees right through Kazuya’s bluster. But that doesn’t mean that Chizuru stays around forever. Instead, she has to put up with Kazuya’s dumb mouth for the first two chapters. Unfortunately, she isn’t able to stand up for herself after that.

Kazuya’s relationship with Chizuru is plagued by problems and conflicting emotions. She’s constantly trying to prove that she’s not interested in her new friend, but she can’t. Eventually, Kazuya tries to rent out Chizuru, which brings out her true persona. Kazuya realizes there is more than just superficial attraction between the two.


If you’re looking for an anime review, you’ve probably come across Rent-A-Girlfriend. It’s a popular manga series with a strong fanbase. While this manga series has a slightly darker tone than most anime, it still maintains a light comedic feel throughout the manga. For this reason, the series is often rated high in anime reviews.

Despite the lackluster plot, Rent-A-Girlfriend’s main characters are very compelling. The protagonist, Chizuru, is a fascinating character, even when she’s not doing her job. She’s smart enough to see right through Kazuya’s bullshit, yet she doesn’t disappear entirely after the first few chapters. Instead, her character is forced to play the part of the rental girlfriend due to Kazuya’s dumb mouth and the collective guilt of grandmothers. It’s too bad, because we deserve better.

Reiji Miyajima

If you enjoyed the Rent-A-Girlfriend anime, you might enjoy the spinoff manga. It stars the popular anime character Sumi, and is written and illustrated by Reiji Miyajima. The manga is currently published in Japan and is set for publication in North America in 2020.

The manga’s artwork is charming, even more so than the story. The characters are vibrant and Miyajima pays attention to details, including the fashion of the heroines. His use of perspective emphasizes the panic and anxiety of the characters, and he skillfully captures pervy gazes. His illustrations are also peppered with close-ups of thighs and boobs. While the manga’s plot is a bit underdeveloped, it is still an enjoyable read.

The manga’s popularity prompted the creation of an anime adaptation by TMS Entertainment. The anime is set to premiere in July 2020. It will be distributed on the Kodansha Magazine Pocket app and is currently on volume twenty-four. However, despite the limited number of episodes, it has received a great deal of attention. It’s still early in the series, but fans can still catch up with it on Crunchyroll.


The Rent-A-Girlfriend anime and manga series are both produced by TMS Entertainment. The manga is published by Kodansha USA. The series is aimed at adult readers and features a straightforward plot with misunderstandings and comedy. Its characters also have a realistic sense of personality.

The story centers on Kazuya Kinoshita, a 20-year-old college student. He once had a girlfriend named Mami Nanami, but she broke up with him without warning. Now, Kazuya is looking to find a new girlfriend, and he finds one through an online dating app. The rental girlfriend that he hires is Chizuru Mizuhara, a cute and beautiful girl.

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