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Reasons To Buy A New Furnace

Especially in the winter, your furnace is a critical part of your home. It’s also a lot easier to replace your furnace before it completely breaks. Here are some indicators that it might be time for a new furnace.

1. You Notice A Yellow Burner Flame

If you want to do a quick wellness check on your furnace, take a look at the flame. If the burner flame looks clean and blue, your furnace is probably functioning optimally.

If you see that your furnace’s flame is yellow, you should ask an HVAC professional to look at it right away. Sometimes, a yellowish flame may just mean the furnace isn’t burning fuel too efficiently. But sometimes, it also means the furnace is producing carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is odorless and potentially deadly, so getting this problem checked out is of utmost importance!

Especially if your furnace is an older model, this is a problem that will likely recur. Whether you have a furnace that produces carbon monoxide or just doesn’t run like it used to, buying a new model might be the right choice.

2. Your Furnace Needs Frequent Repairs

Every furnace is likely to need repair from time to time. But as a furnace age, it tends to need frequent and costly repairs. And in some cases, the cost of repairs begins to outweigh the cost of a new furnace.

It’s easy to lose track of the total cost of furnace repairs over time. Make a point of keeping track of your repair costs. You may notice a time when costs begin to add up more quickly; most furnaces tend to need many repairs in their last two years of life. If this happens, it might be time to start thinking about a replacement.

3. You Hear Loud Or Strange Noises

Just like a car, a furnace that makes loud or strange sounds usually has some kind of issue. Bumps, rattles, clicks, or even just running a little louder than normal can all be signs that something is broken. You can’t usually diagnose the issue just by hearing the sound, so it’s wise to call in a professional.

Of course, not all strange sounds indicate catastrophic damage, and a simple repair is sometimes all that’s needed. Your furnace repair professional can take a look at your furnace and tell you whether it’s best to repair your current furnace or buy a new one.

4. Your Energy Bill Is Going Up

Each time you pay your power bill, take note of the amount. If you see drastic changes, it might be because your furnace has begun to lose efficiency.

As a furnace age, it often needs to use more power to reach the same temperatures it reached before. That results in higher energy bills. And when you consider how the increased utility bills will add up, you may find that purchasing a new furnace makes more economic sense.

5. Your Furnace Is Very Old

Most furnaces last about 15-20 years. That being said, they tend to need frequent (and often costly) repairs in the last couple of years of their lives. It’s usually a good idea to replace a furnace that is more than 15 years old.

6. You Notice Lots Of Dust

A furnace that functions optimally will remove dust and other types of airborne particles before circulating warm air. But if you start to notice lots of dust in your home and around your vents, your furnace may not be removing these particles efficiently.

Sometimes, this just means that you need to change your furnace’s filter. But if the dust problem persists after you’ve changed the filter, it may be a sign of something wrong with the furnace itself. This is especially likely if the dust has a sooty consistency or smells musty. Your HVAC professional will be able to take a look at your furnace and tell you what’s causing the problem.

It’s always wise to pay attention to your furnace and other appliances. When you catch an issue early, it tends to be easier to fix. And if you happen to need a new furnace, you can replace yours before you’re left in the cold.

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