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Radiant Skin At Your Fingertips: Unveiling The Magic Of Stayve BB Glow

Radiant Skin

The desire to stand out because of your looks cannot be underestimated. This has seen many people trying different cosmetic products, some of which are dangerous.

However, once you find the ideal one like the BB Glow, life becomes easier since all it takes to start your journey to flawless skin is consistency and proper application of the serums and creams.

Learn how to do this right, or get professional assistance to avoid making mistakes. Before then, understand the products and procedures your cosmetologists will follow during the treatment.  Find out more below.

BB Glow Treatment – How it Works and What It Entails

The Stayve BB Glow is one of the latest beauty and skincare trends. Its genesis can be traced to Singapore and South Korea. This is a semi-permanent foundation that eliminates the need for daily foundation creams.

BB serum is full of antioxidants, anti-aging elements, and vitamins. The serum guarantees the safe application of the elements on the top layer of the facial skin using a special derma pen following a nano-needling technology. The process makes your skin appear more natural and gives it a glow almost immediately that lasts long.

What Products Are Used for the BB Glow Treatment?

Now that you know what this treatment is all about, you can appreciate the power of this procedure more. The top products needed for the process include:

1. The BB Glow STAYVE Derma White Exfoliating Gel

This gel contains a combination of mandelic and shikimic acid. It is a powerful gel that has a cleaning effect on the skin’s top layer. Using it gives your skin a refreshing effect.

Moreover, the product also eliminates dead cells from your skin’s pores and helps to stimulate your deep skin layer regeneration. Overall, the gel supports better absorption of BB Glow serums.

2. BB Glow Stayve Derma White Neutralizing Foam

This second product is a foam with neutralizing properties. It acts on the acid from the exfoliating gel used in the first product. It’s goal is to help restore your skin’s pH and minimize redness as it gets your skin ready for the next phases of the treatment.

3. BB Glow Booster Ampoules

The ampoules come loaded with vitamins D, E, A, and B. Note that there are five different ampoules, each addressing a specific skin issue. These are:

Salmon DNA Gold: Ampoule contains salmon DNA and gold powder, which is excellent for treating fine lines, and scars, which are common for aging skin. It also helps smoothen and balance skin tones.

AC Stem Cell Gold: This ampoule is perfect for treating irritated skin and acne

Peptide gold: It reduces wrinkles and strengthens your skin’s elasticity. And also helps with skin regeneration.

4. BB Glow Derma White Pigment Ampoules

This product is a pigment remedy that contains an additional foundation coupled with peptide and niacinamide. The ingredient combo supports skin brightening and whitening. It also helps with skin hydration which makes your skin soft and plump. They come in five main shades and are chosen based on one’s skin type and tone. Some of the shades can be blended if needed. Popular shades are as follows:

  • Light Rose (No 1-2): Is a pinkish light shade that works for light-toned individuals
  • Light (No 1): Is the lightest shade available that suits light-toned individuals
  • Medium (No. 2): Is a medium shade for medium skin tones
  • Dark (No. 3): Dark shade perfect for dark-toned individuals
  • Deep plus (No 3-2): Darkest shade available and work for people with deep tones

5. BB Glow Stayve Repair Cream

The procedures done using the products above can leave the skin irritated and a bit dehydrated. Therefore, the moisture needs to be replenished, and this is where the repair cream comes in. It helps nourish and moisturize the skin, helping it regenerate, heal, and revitalize after the skin treatment.

6. BB Glow Derma Pen 3-in-1 Device

The glow cream is micro-needled into one’s skin using a special Derma pen. For it to work for different people, it comes with adjustable needles whose depth and speed vary depending on need. Usually, the depth ranges from 0.25 to 1.5 mm.

For the procedure to work, the BB Glow booster is applied to the microneedles for some time. However, the nano-needles are used when applying the BB Glow pigment serum. The greatest advantage of this pen is that it is rechargeable and can be plugged into electricity. This makes it very practical throughout the treatment procedure. It also works when applying permanent makeup.

Steps Followed in the BB Glow Treatment

The next step is understanding the procedure once you know which products you need.  It is a step-by-step procedure that advances as the treatment progresses. It includes:

  • Skin disinfection. This first step requires one to use an alcohol-free disinfectant spray.
  • Applying the Derma White exfoliating gel. This start involves applying a thick gel layer on the face, neck, and neckline areas. A brush or glove is used during the a[placation. The gel is then left on these areas for about 5 minutes if you have porous and oily skin; 3 minutes if the skin is sensitive. Be sure not to massage the gel and remove it using cosmetic sponges.
  • Applying the Derma White Neutralizing Foam. Apply the foam gently and let it stay for 2-3 minutes, making sure to massage it into your skin in circular motions, starting from the top to the bottom of the face. Use cosmetic sponges and dry paper towels to wipe off the foam and prepare it for glow ampoules.
  • Booster ampoules application: Use a few drops of the right ampoule on different face parts. Use a derma pen when using microneedles to apply serums to the right depth. Each application lasts 7-10 minutes and should be done in a circular motion. Gently massage the face to promote serum absorption and wipe off excess serum using paper towels.
  • Applying BB Glow derma white pigment ampoules. Using a Derma Pen, apply the relevant serums in a circular motion. Nano needles are used in this case as they do not cause skin pressure and also work faster. The application takes 10-15 minutes and should use a lighter tone under the eyes. Once you are done with nano needling, massage the remainder of the serum into the skin. Use paper towels to wipe off the extra serum.
  • Apply the repair cream onto the face to counter the effects of the previous application
  • Offer the client aftercare information

Final Thoughts

The BB Glow cosmetic procedure is worth your time. The fact that it promises to enhance your look and make your skin pop makes it worth trying, especially if you goal is to achieve a natural flawless look.

However, it has to be done right, which is why you must find the right spa to help you with it. Once it’s done, be sure to insist on aftercare instructions to promote better recovery without taking away from the results.

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