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Provident Park Square/Park One

To improve my standard of living, I looked for a more practical and abundant place to live. After much research, I uncovered Provident Park Square/Park One, a tranquil oasis in the heart of Bengaluru. The 1 and 2 BHK apartments were so well-designed and built that my family and I were immediately drawn to them. The lush greenery and expansive fields made us feel like this was our forever home. The cost of 60 lacs and more was reasonable given the level of comfort and luxury we were seeking. We were pleased that the complex has many amenities to fulfil our requirements. From state-of-the-art security to a flourishing community, we had instantaneous access to whatever we needed.

Living in a unit at Provident Park Square/Park One was more than just a nightly routine. A place of safety and growth where we may reach our best potential. We chose to relocate to this breathtaking complex a year ago, and we have never looked back.

How did I Discover Provident Park Square/Park One Project?

Provident Park Square/Park One was formed because people sought a better way of life. My dad wasn’t initially on board with moving the family to Bengaluru, but I was able to win him over. He polled his friends and family for recommendations on warm and inviting neighbourhoods. 

All I needed to hear was my aunt’s praise for the complex, and I was sold. The neighbourhood’s safety and conveniences sold me, and I decided to move my family there. We couldn’t wait to go to this central Bengaluru treasure, so we didn’t waste time preparing. We were looking for a place where we might have a higher quality of life, and we found it at Provident Park Square/Park One.

Provident Park Square/Park One Price and Amenities that I Adore 

Imagine a place with stunning natural beauty and plenty of open space where you may live comfortably without breaking the budget. A neighbourhood where a million-dollar house may be purchased to accommodate any requirements. Provident Park Square/Park One is where I’ve found the home of my dreams. And I only spent 66 lacs. The apartments are the perfect place to relax and enjoy life since they were carefully and attractively created.

The apartments are excellent, but that’s not what separates this complex. The amenities are second to none and cater to every modern life need. We have considered everything, from rigorous security measures to vibrant local culture. You should also be aware of the following additional amenities:

  1. Apartments in the development combine cutting-edge design with convenient features to provide residents with a pleasant place to call home.
  2. The clubhouse and social hall are ready for your use.
  3. There are always surveillance cameras everywhere.
  4. Professionals are on standby to clean, maintain, and collect rainwater.
  5. You may use the fitness centre, outdoor play area, yoga studio, and swimming pool.
  6. There is an elevator, a backup generator, and an intercom system for comfort and ease.
  7. There is also a badminton court, a jogging track, and an area for indoor games.


  1. Location Advantages 

It is in a fantastic position, close to several corporate technology parks, hospitals, prestigious universities, and bustling commercial areas. Among the many advantages of this site are:

  • The major IT hubs of Kanakapura Road, Electronic City, the Outer Ring Road (ORR) and Sarjapur Road are easily accessible through the NICE Ring Road and the ORR.
  • Additionally, the Green Line (Nagasandra-Yelachenahalli) of the Namma Metro is now open and serves the area. 
  • This metro line runs parallel to Kanakapura Road, covering a large portion of the city. 
  • In addition, along Kanakapura Road between Yelachenahalli and Anjanapura Township, a 6.29-kilometre extension of the Green Line is being built as part of Phase 2. 
  1. Impressive Amenities

The beautiful architecture, well-planned interiors, top-notch ventilation, and stunning aesthetics of the apartments left a lasting impression on my loved ones and me. The apartment complex is located in a convenient area close to several amenities. Each apartment’s layout has been meticulously planned to maximise efficiency and aesthetic appeal.

  1. Reputed Developers

Provident’s mission is to create communities where residents can trust one another and where life is convenient and comfortable, thanks to cutting-edge technology. The residences are carefully crafted to include design, innovation, and technology that enhance daily life and provide value in the most fundamental ways.

Bangalore has always been a dream city for me and I feel extremely proud today that I have a permanent home here. I thought my house hunting journey will take at least 6 months but I am so happy that I could verify information via and also finalise the properties that I liked within no time! The NoBroker interior designers in Bangalore also elevated the look of the apartment and executed all of my ideas to make it a dream home!

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