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Pros and Cons of Using Social Media Templates

As a business owner, you know the importance of maintaining a strong social media presence. But to do so, you need to be creating and posting content consistently. And as you may have probably noticed, creating social media content consumes a considerable amount of time.

And, this is where social media templates come in. These pre-designed graphics provide a faster and easier means of creating different types of social media content. But like everything else, social media templates also have their limitations. Today, we will discuss the pros and cons of using social media templates.

Pros of Using Social Media Templates

Templates Will Save You Time

The main benefit of using templates to create social media content is the considerable amount of time they will save you. By using templates, you will significantly reduce the amount of time and effort needed to produce social media graphics.

With templates, you don’t have to begin designs from scratch whenever you want to create social media posts. Instead, you just take a template and then fill it with the necessary details. And, you will have a ready social media post within a few minutes.

On average, customizing a template will take you around five minutes at most. On the other hand, it will take you around 30 minutes or even money to design a social media post from scratch. And if you are designing several posts, then this time can add up quite fast.

Templates Ensure Brand Consistency Across Different Channels

Having a cohesive and consistent brand on social media will help to build trust and legitimacy with your target audience. And as you may probably know, trust is one of the biggest deciding factors when it comes to buying decisions. Studies also show that brands that make an effort to improve their consistency on social media see a considerable jump in revenue.

By using templates to create your social media posts, you will be able to maintain a cohesive, consistent and matching style. On the other hand, if you were to design every social media post from scratch, there’s every chance that you won’t manage to maintain that cohesive and consistent look across all your posts and platforms.

Simply put, having a bundle of social media templates that you can use whenever you want to create a social media post will help you to achieve branding consistency.

Templates Can Boost Engagement on Social Media

If you are looking to enhance engagement across the different social media platforms that you are using, then templates may help. Templates will help you to create aesthetically pleasing social media posts.

And, such type of content can encourage your audience to like, comment and share your social media posts. This will in turn boost your visibility and reach, ultimately increasing your engagement. Consequently, the increased engagement will then lead to more followers and conversions as well as higher revenues.

Save Money

High-quality social media templates cost money. But, as we mentioned earlier, these templates will also save you a great deal of time. And, time is money. Therefore, they will be fully worth it.

Drawbacks of Using Social Media Templates

Limited Design Control

Free social media templates come with pre-determined designs. And, some only allow limited styling options. Therefore, customizing them to suit your preferred visual style can prove to be a challenge.

To avoid this issue, it would be advisable to go for premium social media templates from, for example, ContentBASE. With premium templates, you can customize almost every aspect of the design. You can change the fonts, the color, add your logo, or simply change any element that you want on the graphic.

Some Aren’t Exclusive

Templates are a great means of saving time and effort when it comes to creating social media posts. But, if you use any template that you come across online, there’s a high chance that hundreds of others out there are also using them. And, this can lead to brand dilution while making it hard to stand out from the competition.

To avoid this issue, you need to be extremely selective about the social media templates that you are using to create your content. Make sure you only go for premium templates, since these are not widely available and used. Alternatively, you can also create your own templates, if you have decent graphics design skills or hire someone to do the work for you.

In Conclusion

Social media templates will speed up your content creation process and help you to maintain consistency across social media. And as you can see, you can easily overcome their drawbacks if you choose your templates carefully.