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Prepaid Gift Cards: How To Use Them Internationally?

If you’ve been wondering how to reward your international customers or want to offer your customers and partners something they can use internationally, prepaid gift cards are the nearest option.

The traditional ways of giving gifts and perks to customers – something they might never use – has no place today, considering the exciting options open to business owners. 

With prepaid Visa cards, you don’t have to worry about buying something valuable for your customer or employees because the prepaid Visa cards can purchase anything they desire.

Here are the complete details on the prepaid Visa gift card. 

What Are Prepaid Visa Gift Cards?

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Prepaid Visa gift cards are preloaded cards, usually in plastic form, used to make purchases. They are issued by banks or credit card companies. They can be reloaded for indefinite use by the recipients.

Visa gift cards can be used to pay bills, make purchases, used at ATMs to get cash, or issued as gifts to employees and loyal customers.

Can Visa Gift Cards Be Used Internationally?

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Not all gift cards can be accepted internationally. However, there are international prepaid Visa gift cards that can be used abroad. More than 150 countries across the world accept Visa gift cards.

Such international  prepaid gift card can be used in countries where they are accepted abroad. They are designed to be used anywhere in the world.

There might be some restrictions and charges associated with their usage in some countries because Visa cards are preloaded in dollar currency. Therefore, users may have to pay additional charges to be able to use them in their countries.

Best International Gift Cards

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Knowing the challenges of deciding which international gift card to purchase, these international gift card companies will be of help.


iChoose offers the best prepaid Visa card in Australia and is a corporate reward solution that drives sales, rewards customers, and increases brand loyalty. They provide flexibility to use your gift cards at your preferred retail shop.

Receive branded cards customized to meet your individual needs. Gift cards that go beyond incentives and rewards impact your customers, staff, and partners. Perfect for any business or occasion to make a lasting impression, these Visa cards keep on giving 

Other internationally accepted gift cards are:

  • Amazon Gift Card
  • iTunes Gift Cards
  • Netflix Gift Cards
  • Visa Gift Cards
  • MasterCard Gift Cards
  • Spotify Gift Cards
  • Google Play Gift Cards
  • Airbnb Gift Cards

How To Use Visa Gift Cards Internationally?

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As already stated, prepaid Visa cards can be used globally where they are accepted. Unlike traditional gift cards that are limited to particular retailers and merchants, International gift cards are available for immediate use.

Companies work with card issuers like MasterCard and VisaCard to provide prepaid cards for customers and employees. There are terms and conditions for the use of your prepaid cards.

To use your Visa gift card internationally, you have to order a prepaid card before you travel. 


Once this is done, the next thing is to set up or activate your prepaid card. When you make purchases, you can use your prepaid card to make payments, either in-person or online.

You can manage your prepaid Visa card through the online portal. You can quickly track your transaction history and deactivate your card when it’s lost. Also, note that you can use your prepaid card to withdraw cash from ATMs. 

Are There Countries Where Visa Gift Cards Aren’t Accepted?

There are countries where prepaid gift cards are not accepted. In that case, if you’re a traveler moving to any of such countries, it would be needless to carry a Visa gift card there. 

You can check the list of restricted countries before you embark on your international travel to avoid hassles and disappointment.

Benefits Of Using Visa Gift Cards

Prepaid gift cards have tons of benefits. With prepaid Visa cards, you have flexibility and abundant options to make your purchase. 

  1. Choose Your Dream Gift

When you use prepaid Visa cards, you have the freedom to choose your preferred gifts, unlike in the past when you were confined to particular gift items.

  1. No More Unwanted Gifts

You don’t have to worry about buying unwanted gifts anymore because of the previous restrictions on traditional gift cards. You can choose what you want

3. Protected From Loss


You can quickly and easily recover your funds if your prepaid card is lost or stolen.

  1. Accepted In Many Countries and Millions of Merchants

No more restricted purchases from particular retailers. Your prepaid can go beyond your world.

  1. For Corporate Rewards and Incentives

If you want to reward your employees and offer incentives to worthy staff, a prepaid Visa card is the perfect gift for such occasions.

  1. Can Be Used Anywhere

Provides multiple options and flexibility to be used where and when desired.

Do Prepaid Gift Cards Expire?

The simple answer is yes. Prepaid gift cards have validity dates. Some can expire within 12 months, while others can be extended to 24 months. But it will have an expiry date. 

However, within the validity period, the prepaid card can be reloaded if it’s a reloadable prepaid card.


Prepaid gift cards can be used both locally and internationally. They offer immense benefits to both recipients and business owners.

While it’s cost-effective, secure, and offers promotion for businesses, it’s a convenient reward system for the recipient. It allows you the flexibility to decide what to purchase.

Before traveling overseas again, ensure to get a prepaid gift card, as iChoose Visa cards provide the best offers. 

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