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Mobile Legends New Look (Project Next UI)

Mobile Legends is one of the most popular MOBA games, Mobile Legends itself was released in July 2016. It’s been 5 years since Mobile Legends has accompanied gamers’ days. Along the way, Mobile Legends has also changed from time to time and launched many events like MLBB Creator Camp and so on.

Not only in terms of features, heroes, skins, in terms of UI Mobile Legends is also very different from the first release. If you are an old player, you must have seen the ML UI changes firsthand. The development team continues to update to improve player comfort and will carry out a major update that will change the UI appearance of the NEXT UI Project.

If you are facing a problem while login into your account then you can follow the link.

Project NEXT UI ML

Although this UI change is only available on the advanced server, it is an illustration for future Mobile Legends updates. UI changes that occur are very striking where it looks more simple and pleasing to the eye.

  • The interface is simple: UI Update Next project will make the interface simpler and make players more comfortable.
  • Better Visuals: The color combination of the interface will be better and very comfortable where.
  • Effect Optimization: This effect is in the form of smoother transition animations and the main menu can change from day to night according to your area.

In addition, there are many other updates that will be present in this project. We also keep getting login guides from the Bothrametals.

NEXT UI ML Project Update Size

Because Moonton will be doing a massive update, many ML players are wondering what is the size of the update for this project? For now there is no official information from Moonton, but the Mobilelegendsrex Instagram account shares a video showing the size of this update, which is 3.76 GB.

If that’s the correct size, does the HP spec for playing Mobile Legends increase or does Moonton have an optimization method so that the update isn’t too heavy for the potato spec HP.

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