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Let’s Explore the Importance of Game Translation

The gaming industry in the world is flourishing. It is equally popular with young and old people. In this fast-paced world, when everyone is stressed out, people play video games to refresh their minds. Have you ever seen a person play a video game that is not in his native language? Probability not. This is because if the game is not in the gamer’s native language, he will not be able to play it properly. Moreover, despite entertaining a person, the game can become frustrating for him. Here is where video game translation services come into play.

Initially, the film industry was considered the entertainment industry. However, the popularity of video games among the masses has made the game industry one of the largest entertainment industries in the world.

Significance of the Video Game Translation

The worth of the video game industry is projected to reach US$384.90bn this year. Therefore, to get leverage from the success of this industry, the game developers must release their games in foreign markets after translating them into the target market’s languages.

Translating and localizing your games can help you grab a handsome share from the rapidly growing and high-potential global markets.

Reaching Wider Audience

One of the foremost benefits of video game translation is that more and more people can download the games and enjoy playing them. Approximately, 3.09 billion active video gamers around the world speak different languages. Therefore, if you want these gamers to play your video games, you first need to translate the games into the customer’s native language and then hire a marketing translation agency. This agency can help promote your games in foreign countries and help you adopt some tactics to persuade more and more gamers to play your game. Thus, translation services and marketing agencies can help you reach a wider audience.

Helps to Improve the  App Store Rankings

According to the research, the majority of iOS and Google Play Store downloads are mainly from countries where the majority of the people don’t speak English. Therefore, if you want more and more people to download games from the iOS and Google Play Stores, then you must translate the video games into multiple languages.  If you are a game developer and you have developed the game after months of hard work, then you must not ignore the translation process; otherwise, your hard work will go in vain. Video game translation can improve the app store’s ranking when people start downloading your video games.

Customers feel Valued

When a customer finds video games in their native language, they feel valued and get immersed in the game. With the help of game translation, avid players can have a seamless and more engaging experience. As a result, gamers establish a long-term relationship with the gaming company. Subconsciously, they wait for other games released by your company.

Tapping into New Markets Easily

With game translations, you can easily tap into lucrative gaming markets such as those in the MENA region and Africa. People usually prefer to play games that are translated into their native language. This enhances the game’s reach and increases the user base. When the game is accurately translated, it will appeal to local gamers, and gamers may come back to buy different versions of games and packs.

Helps to Increase the Revenue Streams

Do you know that the global gaming market is vulnerable? This risk is greater in countries where rules and regulations related to gaming change abruptly. Sometimes, censorship rules ban some games in certain countries. Therefore, if you have translated games into multiple languages if in any country your game gets banned, it will not bring you losses because your games are doing great in other markets. It mitigates the revenue risks.

Competitive Advantage

The release of a new game in a short time is making the gaming industry more competitive. Therefore, to stay in this competitive industry, you must translate video games into multiple languages. The important thing to note is that you must translate the games before you release them in foreign markets. Otherwise, competitors can take advantage of it. In short, you have to be very proactive in promoting video games in different markets.

Wrapping Up

The gaming industry has become a billion-dollar industry. If you are in the gaming industry, then lots of opportunities are available for you. You have to act proactively, and after the development of the video games, you must translate them into multiple languages. It is advised to first release your game in one market, and if it does well in that market, then tap into other markets too. If you face any problem attracting customers to the games, then you can seek assistance from professional marketing agencies. Are you ready to invest in game translation to get all the above-mentioned benefits?

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