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Let Dan Kennedy Assist You With Your Direct Mail Marketing Game

Direct Mail Marketing Game

With so many marketing trends heading into an all-digital format, many firms have wondered if there is still room for direct mail marketing. The short answer is yes, there is still a great response to those who are still using direct mail as a large portion of their overall marketing.

It can be quite simple to just hit delete on a marketing email, but the same isn’t true for physical mailers. Plus, when marketing mailers are directed at a specific set of clients, or deliver a personalized message, they get a much higher response rate.

What are the direct mail specifics?

Across the board, 41% of Americans, regardless of age, look forward to opening their mail every day. There’s something lovely about finding something you can hold with your name written on it once you open that mailbox.

Despite older individuals being more likely to claim they enjoy getting letters, 36% of Americans under the age of 30 agree with this statement. In the United States, 58 percent of marketing mail is delivered to residences and companies. Only a small portion of people still correspond via letter in today’s digital world.

According to the most current results of the USPS’s Mail Use and Attitudes Report, the direct mail industry is responsible for nearly 60% of the mail that is delivered to American households. A large portion of Magnetic Marketing can be performed with mailers and shouldn’t be overlooked for digital options.

Dan Kennedy has helped companies focus on their marketing efforts in every facet of the field, and has seen measurable results in promotional literature, regardless of the industry. That said, there is definitely still room for growth using direct mail, in niche markets and mainstream corporations alike.

The average American home receives 454 pieces in promotional mail every year, which is staggering. However, sales from printed matter haven’t slowed in the past several years, and people are still flipping through catalogs and mailers that they receive regularly.

Direct mail still has time, right?

The same USPS research shows that marketing through printed matter is still effective. The numbers the organization gathered show that a typical US home obtains 454 pieces of standard marketing mail a year. In addition, a person’s mailbox typically receives 92 pieces of promotional mail every day from philanthropic groups.

The average acceptance rate in printed matter was 9% for home lists and 4% for prospect lists. The average rate of response for big envelopes is 5%, which is the most that can be achieved.

The importance of the packaging should be considered while brainstorming direct mail concepts. Different mail formats work better than others. If you are focusing on a pet product, for example, pet themed flyers and postcards are going to give you the highest rate of return because your clients see that these materials are directly related to them as pet parents.

Take a look at some of the campaigns Dan Kennedy has been involved with and the personalized formatting has been a clear frontrunner. Clients like to feel as though marketing is directed at their household. It’s what makes the advertising speak to them personally.

The effectiveness of printed matter

Sending a personal note in the mail is more effective than sending an email, which may surprise you. Despite costing far less to conduct, email marketing campaigns perform much worse than printed matter campaigns in terms of results. 42.2 percent of recipients of direct mail either perused it in full or scanned it before throwing it away.

It goes without saying that you want people to see any communication you send out for marketing purposes. Email communication may be more economical, but it’s still quite simple to ignore.

On the contrary, any printed matter you send to your target demographic will be read, or at a minimum skimmed.

Promotional mail is often kept in homes for 17 days following delivery. So that is a large part of the answer to your question regarding why direct mail works here.  There will be ample time for everyone in the household to review it and determine the best course they’re going to take as a consequence.

Catalogs still generate sales

Sixty percent of the individuals who get catalogs eventually visit the company’s website to learn more. When a customer sees a product in a catalog that piques their attention, they are quite likely to hunt for more details about it online.

The United States Postal Service’s ( statistics on printed matter indicates that it frequently includes the act of perusing a conventional catalog. This shouldn’t be a surprise considering that 84% of catalog receivers think using the advertisement makes it more effective.

Although a huge percentage of shopping is done online, a physical catalog of products can have a big impact on sales. People are able to sit and peruse the catalog at home at their leisure, and then go online and make the purchase after they’ve had time to take a look at all of the products that are offered. There is a level of attention that is focused with physical mailers and catalogs that doesn’t take place with emails and perusing online.

Direct mail processing requires 21% less mental effort than email processing

This is also another benefit of employing printed matter. Since direct mail is considerably easier for customers to understand than email, it is linked by a longer-lasting brand recall. Click here to read more on email. This element helps make printed matter more effective. It is considerably simpler to process than email because it doesn’t contain any additional information.

Consumers are frequently diverted from reading emails that include adverts when they have other tabs open or when pop-up ads appear. On the contrary, when someone is reading direct mail, they may entirely focus on that activity. This is the same thing that happens with viewing catalog mailers.

All that being said, printed matter marketing is still a huge portion of marketing today and shouldn’t be discounted simply because of the digital marketing options. Check out the Dan Kennedy method for direct marketing and up your game today.

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