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Is PVC Artificial Leather Good Quality?

PVC artificial leather is no longer strange to consumers when they are the materials that produce many things in life. Thanks to their appearance, people’s lives are better and less dependent on genuine leather products from animals. Therefore, this type of leather is expected to gradually replace natural leather and occupy an important position in the fashion and interior industries today.

What is PVC artificial leather?

This is a type of leather produced by industrial methods. They are made from natural gas CH4 and then pressed under high pressure and temperature to form. Covering the main surface is a layer of industrial plastic to color and dye the leather. They add beauty as well as lifelike to these products. Thanks to that, they have good aesthetics and have a leather texture that is quite similar to real leather. Because they are man-made, they are called artificial leather. In addition to PVC leather, there is also PU leather, simili is also a popular and famous artificial leather .

Advantages of PVC artificial leather

Thanks to their low price and good quality, their popularity is increasing day by day. With the same leather pattern as real leather, it is difficult to distinguish between real leather and PVC.

Durability is at a good level

It is difficult to claim that artificial leather products have the same durability as real leather, but they also meet the needs of users well. Products made from this leather have a durability of 3-5 years depending on the user. If you know how to use and maintain, this durability can be even higher. Therefore, considering the price and durability, they are still great. If you only need to use it during this time, then this is definitely a very good choice.

Make beautiful products

Thanks to the diverse color system that comes with the skin texture system that simulates real leather well, their aesthetics are quite good. As a result, products made from PVC artificial leather always have quite diverse and delicate colors. And of course the skin texture system is also great when creating a feeling quite similar to real leather. Owners can feel this when using this leather every time they admire or touch the product. Hard to expect them to be as beautiful as real leather, but certainly worth the money.

Cleaning is not too difficult

The surface is waterproof due to the industrial plastic coating, so cleaning and cleaning for this product is not too difficult. We can clean PVC artificial leather with just a soft damp cloth or even soap. Dirt will be quickly removed from the surface of these products. It only takes us 5-10 minutes to clean these products. Therefore, it saves a lot of time and effort for cleaning and cleaning.

Cons of artificial PVC leather

The moderate price does not allow this leather to have the same quality as real leather. Therefore, when used for a certain period of time, they may peel or crack and explode. This can happen when the owner does not know how to clean or the environmental temperature conditions are too harsh such as too hot or too cold. However, there are solutions for this that are looking for better quality artificial leather such as microfiber or PU to do this. Better quality means higher prices.

What is the price of artificial PVC leather?

The current price has many changes and is not uniform.Depending on each specific condition, this price may increase or decrease as the quantity purchased by the customer, depending on a certain place of sale and the quality of that pvc . Therefore, customers should consult many different sellers to get the most stable price.

Where to buy artificial PVC leather?

Can be purchased at e-commerce platforms such as Lazada, Sendo or Shopee with diverse and rich quantities. In addition, the leather, furniture, and sofa factories are also quite large and the quality will be stable and better. Especially customers who buy in quantity should choose these addresses to buy. Or you can also contact Yan Chuang to find and buy an unlimited number of skins in terms of quantity and quality. Yan Chuang owns the high quality Partificial leather currently on the market. Possessing a variety of accompanying color codes as well as an unlimited number, it can be provided to all partners.

With Yan Chuang’s sharing about PVC artificial leather, we hope that customers will have more useful information after these problems. Come to Yan Chuang to choose for yourself the best quality leather about PVC. Customer care department is always ready to serve customers all days of the week.

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