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Is Chainlink Coin a Good Investment or Better Buy XRP?

LINK is an asset that can be utilized to pay for the services provided by Chainlink, an advanced crypto platform. By connecting smart contracts with verifiable real-life sources, Chainlink boosts security and productivity in many industries. The decentralized nature of this technology as well as its growing popularity amongst businesses make LINK a great choice for people who want to get into the crypto space.

In this article, we will check out the current LINK cryptocurrency price, compare it with Ripple, and tell you how to buy Chainlink.


Ripple and Chainlink are distinct digital currencies, boasting a variety of individual characteristics and capabilities:

  • Ripple is a payment platform that makes international transactions simple and affordable. Unlike traditional methods, the Ripple network does not require approval or oversight from any central authority, instead, it utilizes an automated consensus ledger to transfer assets directly.
  • Chainlink is a platform that seeks to securely bridge between smart contracts and real-life sources/APIs. By providing trusted access to external information, it’s fundamental for the successful functioning of any smart contract. The LINK cryptocurrency compensates node operators who supply their services in the network, making Chainlink an essential part of building trustful blockchain applications.

Ripple and Chainlink have distinct differences. While Ripple focuses on enabling quick, inexpensive international payments, Chainlink is designed to provide trustworthy data for smart contracts. Moreover, Ripple utilizes a centralized protocol while the latter employs a decentralized one.

Where to Buy Chainlink?

When it comes to acquiring LINK, WhiteBIT is a top choice of investors. Not only does the exchange offer tremendous security and low trading fees, but also users are further blessed with ample liquidity as well as a user-friendly platform that allows for multiple trading pairs. What’s more, traders can engage in discussions with an active investor community which provides invaluable knowledge and understanding on LINK, this helps equip experienced or novice traders alike when making their trades. For more information on how to buy LINK and what other promising cryptos are available on the platform, visit the WhiteBIT blog.

WhiteBIT blog is a goldmine of knowledge, empowering both budding and experienced traders to stay up-to-date with the latest news in crypto, blockchain technology advancements, regulatory changes impacting the market, trading strategies employed on our exchange platform as well as tutorials for efficiently utilizing our features. It’s an invaluable resource that provides insights into all aspects of cryptocurrency markets.

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