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Is BBC iPlayer A Good OTT Streaming Option for British Fans in the USA? 

Streamers in the USA who are on the lookout for British television and film far too frequently run into roadblocks due to the complexity of international rights and the wide variety of streaming platforms that offer only a subset of British programming. BBC iPlayer is indeed a good OTT streaming service for British fans in the USA. 

Keeping in touch with British culture and entertainment can be difficult for many Britons residing in the USA. This includes the classic British shows they watched as kids and still enjoy today. However, the proliferation of OTT streaming services has made it simpler than ever to gain access to this content from any location.

The BBC iPlayer is one of the most well-liked of these services among British fans in the USA. 

If you are a British living in the USA and want to watch BBC iPlayer online, or if you’re just interested in learning how to watch British TV from overseas, keep reading to find out more exciting information about is BBC iPlayer the best OTT service in the USA? And if so, how can anyone easily stream BBC iPlayer in USA?

What is BBC iPlayer?  

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) provides its fans in the United Kingdom with a way to watch their favorite BBC shows online via a service called BBC iPlayer. All types of television shows are included in this category, from news and documentaries to comedies and dramas. 

BBC iPlayer provides live TV streaming and a wide variety of on-demand programming that can be seen whenever it’s convenient. It is an almost 15 years old streaming platform and was launched on 25 December 2007. 

Is there any Free Trial for BBC iPlayer users?

Yes, BBC iPlayer offers its free 30 days trial to new subscribers unfamiliar with the BBC iPlayer streaming platform. So, BBC iPlayer offers its users to use the platform, and if the streamers like their service, they can become a subscriber without paying any cost.  

How much does the BBC iPlayer Cost? 

One of the service’s many advantages is that streamers in the UK can access BBC iPlayer for no cost. However, you will need a paid VPN subscription to stream BBC iPlayer in USA. Depending on the supplier and the subscription length, VPN services can cost anywhere from $5 to $10 monthly.

Is BBC iPlayer stream able in the USA?

The BBC iPlayer can only be accessed from within the United Kingdom. This means that users in the USA will be unable to access the service. There is a solution, which is terrific news. You may access BBC iPlayer from anywhere in the world by using a virtual private network (VPN) to make it look like you are in the United Kingdom.

It achieves this by encrypting your data as it travels over the internet and redirecting it through a server in another country. In order to access BBC iPlayer from the USA, a VPN connection to a server in the UK United Kingdom is required.

Platforms and Compatible devices with BBC iPlayer

There are several devices and platforms that works with BBC iPlayer, like MacOS, IOS, Apple TV, Android, Android TV, Windows, Linux, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, and Roku, and you can also stream BBC iPlayer on gaming consoles like PlayStation 5, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox Series X/S.

Cancel your BBC iPlayer Subscription. 

You can cancel your BBC iPlayer subscription at any time you want to. Still, we would not recommend you to do that because it is a video-on-demand service and free-of-cost streaming platform that offers a wide variety of streaming options. 

On the other hand, similar to BBC iPlayer, streaming services offer their paid- membership program to watch their content. So it’s recommended to use BBC iPlayer to stream the wide variety of content that will always keep you from getting bored of its content. 

Other British Streaming Platform 

There are other British streaming services available, while BBC iPlayer is a terrific choice for British fans living in the States. Here are some options to think about:

Acorn TV

Acorn TV is one of Anglophiles’ favorite companies because it’s so affordable. They produce original shows like Bloodlands with James Nesbitt and Deadwater Fell with David Tennant and have one of the largest catalogs of classic shows. This is the most creative and well-curated UK programming, full of mystery shows, which the British do well.

The subscription of Acorn TV will cost you $5.99 monthly. 


BritBox comes from generations of quality British programming from the BBC and ITV. Since its 2017 launch, its archive of classics, current songs, and original programming has made it one of the world’s largest niche streaming services.

BritBox may be the best option for exploring British culture due to its vastness. However, it lacks original programs, and much of its content is available elsewhere. But its quantity is for sure unmatched.

The BritBox will cost you $6.99 of subscription per month.


The King of the Streamers has a “British TV Series” genre page for a purpose. That can satisfy folks. It helps that original royal dramas and reality series are a big part of the company’s identity, beyond merely The Crown’s awards. Netflix distributes hours of British television across genres because it’s profitable.

Netflix will cost you $9.99 for its basic plan.


You can stream BBC iPlayer in USA and watch some of the best British content. Though there are many options that guide you for your favorite channels like YouTube but this article has provided you the regions specific information of British channel. Such British streaming OTT BBC iPlayer provides you the finest streaming service that offers a wider range of movies, TV series, reality shows, and documentaries like Peaky Blinders, Call the Midwife, Downton Abbey: A New Era and many more that you can watch without any cost. 

BBC iPlayer lets British citizens in the US access their favorite British movies and shows. The service is free for UK residents and offers a huge variety of television content. With the correct VPN, you can watch all your favorite British shows in the USA.

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