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Inflammatory Arthritis Treatment and Care Tips!

We often take our health for granted by not eating the right food or exercising. People don’t realize the importance of their health until they deal with seriously treating issues. Inflammatory arthritis may not be fatal, but it causes a lot of discomfort and restriction in movement. It is important to take care of your health and mitigate bad habits to control inflammatory arthritis. 

Many people rely on medication to help with inflammation without making any serious changes in their lifestyle. If you are dealing with inflammatory arthritis, you must make healthy lifestyle changes. Here are some care tips for remediating inflammatory arthritis! 

Tips to Take Care of Inflammatory Arthritis! 

There can be quite a few reasons why one has inflammatory arthritis. It could be your poor lifestyle or genetics that can land you in such health situations. However, you can combat the issue by making lifestyle changes and focusing on your health. Here are some tips: 

  1. No Smoking 

There are quite a few reasons why people get inflammatory arthritis. However, bad habits such as smoking and drinking can greatly contribute to it. If you are an avid smoker, it is time to consider quitting. Quitting smoking will help reduce inflammation and strengthen your joints. 

If you find it hard to quit smoking, you can always ask for your doctor’s help. Quite a few programs provide you with guidance and support to combat smoking. You can also join online groups that motivate people to quit smoking successfully. 

  1. Eat Non-Inflammatory Foods 

If you are experiencing inflammatory arthritis, it is best not to have foods that trigger the condition. There are quite a lot of foods that trigger inflammatory arthritis, causing a lot of discomfort and pain. It is essential to shift towards a healthier diet and identify the food triggers to eliminate them from your daily routine. 

Are tomatoes bad for arthritis? Even some vegetables tend to trigger inflammation; hence, being mindful of what you eat is essential. Eliminate all the fatty, oily, and sugary foods from your diet. Try to have lots of fruits and vegetables to manage inflammation. 

  1. Never Compromise on Sleep 

One of the biggest triggers of inflammatory arthritis is lack of sleep. You tend to become more sensitive to pain when you run low on sleep. Hence, having at least 8 hours of sleep daily is essential to feeling great. 

You can do a few things to sleep better, such as avoiding caffeine later in the day. Try to have a calming bedtime routine that relaxes you. A warm bath at night helps induce better sleep and release joint pain. You can also have anti inflammatory supplements to help soothe pain and reduce inflammation before bed. 

  1. Stress Management 

Stress is one of the biggest culprits in our lives, causing many health issues. Stress not only deteriorates your mental health but also interferes with your physical health. Your inflammatory arthritis won’t get better if you are not taking good care of yourself mentally. 

It is essential to learn stress management as it greatly impacts pain management and to see faster results. If something bothers you, try to talk it out with the people you love. Things like listening to music, walking, meditation, yoga, etc., help with stress management. 

  1. Keep Moving 

Most people think their arthritis will trigger if they walk or move around too much. However, it is just a myth because exercising and moving around helps relieve arthritis pain. Moving helps release synovial fluids, which helps with reducing pain and pressure on the joints. 

If you have a lot of inflammation, don’t do exercises that put pressure on the joints. However, a slow walk daily and light cardio helps reduce swelling. There are a lot of videos online that suggest arthritis-friendly exercises that you can try. If you feel muscle tightness after working out, you can soak your joints in warm water for instant pain relief. 

Final Verdict 

Inflammatory arthritis is not a serious health condition but causes much pain and discomfort. Anti-inflammatory medications help release pain and soothe joints, but few lifestyle changes make healing faster. Try to be active, keep stress levels low, and eat good food to deal with it faster. If the pain is unbearable, you can soak your joints in warm water with salt for instant relief.


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