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Hurdles Startups Face In Journey To Become Successful Businesses


Starting a business is the dream people see when they’re young. Sitting on that long chair in your office and living that executive life. But the harsh reality is the hurdles and steps an entrepreneur takes head on to get there. 90% of the startups fail which aren’t able to bounce back due to multiple reasons including funding companies and industries. The challenges can be exponential, but every startup has a unique story carry forwarding its struggle and legacy.

From maintaining accounts to supervising employees; the common challenges leading to startups debacle are many but let’s discuss the major challenges which are eminent for many. Here are some of the major hurdles which are surely an obstacle in your entrepreneurial crusade. Overcome these, and your business will bear some juicy fruits.

Raising Capital Too Early

Startups believe they need to gather and raise large sums of cash flow in their baby steps to become a success in a short span. Fact is, there is no formula to be successful, and while it may ease things for you, it will also lead you to make poor decisions. But once you lend, accept or raise some investment, you are losing some part of your company because of ownership, while putting lots of pressure on the Company’s smooth running.

This creates lags in your budget allotment and will bootstrap you as long as it takes. This will create many managerial decisions chaotic because your investor would want a piece of the action and would want his/her say in the decision-making process. That’s one hurdle. To avoid that, businessmen need to enforce strict protocol from the company to focus on what’s essential and trim the fat wherever possible. Instead of getting large amounts of loans, try getting a startup credit card to inject a small amount of money to your business whenever you need it. Having this credit card will also help you monitor and control your spending

Acquiring a Good Team

Having the right employees will make or break your company. Depending on the workforce is the biggest risk an entrepreneur takes which works as a gamble. A startup heavily depends on the abilities of its team to deliver before the deadline and start-ups should not compromise while hiring because of the current funds. Hiring employees who fall ill on the competency scale and fail to sync and collaborate with the companies aim and vision leads to a poor quality deliverance.

This is one of the biggest hurdle a startup faces because running a business is not a one man’s job. You need to delegate tasks on the lower level no matter what you do to make things happen. This is where the division of labor clicks in and makes things work faster, easier and more efficiently. Keeping that in mind the division of labor is not the only aspect, having the right tools to become a successful business also plays a vital role. Why? In the current world, everything has gone Digital, and the scope of it is immense. Having a digital presence means you are available to a wider range of customers through the right tools.

That is the reason need to be kept in mind for any startup because it provides the best-unbiased reviews of the current market trending tools and products that not only save your time but gets the work done proficiently.

Making your Startup stand out of the crowd

Entering a market is always easy, but retaining that place where everyone is selling and advertising the same product or service is like walking in another Lions territory. The established company will start price war or even buy all your stocks off the market, so your potential customers never come across your product portfolio. Oversaturation of the same products and services drains out new startups who try to launch their own products. But it results in draining resources without reaching break even.

Majority of the big names in the market are already neck deep in competition that it’s a big risk to think of jumping in. But some wise entrepreneur’s state, not let the market prevent you from experimenting. Startups require the edge that others do not possess; that’s how trying different recipes will bring out the best sooner or later. Then again, this is one of the major hurdles which breaks a startup before it reaches high ground.

Improper Structure

The basic thing that differs startups from established companies is the distinct cultures, performance expectations and straightforward goals that require intense induction and off the job training. If the company is filled with experienced professionals then the startup will progress under their experienced leadership; otherwise the startups lead on with the company without any corporate culture leading to disappointments and excessive employee turnover.

Goals and aims of a startup are only derived when an ample amount of sales and marketing data is present which the entrepreneur molds into the company for the employees to incorporate. Other than that, the absence of labor may add more hurdles because of the number of tasks divided into all the subordinates. If these things aren’t present, chances are your startup will not have a clear goal or a corporate culture which evidently leads to a weak or improper company structure.

Words of Wisdom

It’s clear what startups should and should not do when starting a new venture or when running a new startup in the industry. Every established company of today was once a startup, and it’s where the lesson of failure was turned into a vantage point of great success stories. There will always be hurdles for a company or individual to have true essence of motivation which becomes a striving factor making an individual work harder.

Your success will always be dependent on how you cater to your management skills and evaluate your failures. Take notes from the four essential hurdles mentioned above that are a starting point to where things may go wrong. You need to sweat to make something out of your startup, otherwise many startups losing hope and motivation in the first few months of their entry.

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