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How to Refinance a Reverse Mortgage?

If you want to make the best out of your home equity, refinancing your reverse mortgage loan seems a legit proposition. Reverse mortgage loans allow homeowners to turn their home’s equity into cash without the need to pay monthly. However, homeowners have to pay for taxes and insurance. 

After receiving the money from one of the best reverse mortgage lenders Surfside Beach, you can use it to pay the medical bills or improve your lifestyle. So, how do you refinance a reverse mortgage loan? Continue reading the post to know more about it and other things you should know.

How does refinancing a reverse mortgage loan work?

Typically, reverse mortgages are government-backed loans that give you financial freedom from increased living expenses. A reverse mortgage loan will use the equity of your home and convert it to make the payment to you. In short, reverse mortgage loans allow homeowners to borrow money against the equity of their home. 

You will retain ownership of your home even after taking the loan. Rather than making monthly loan payments, you will receive an advance against the equity of your home. In some cases, you don’t even have to repay the money, if you live in the house for long. However, the loan will be due and should be repaid if the house is sold. Also, the loan needs to be repaid if the borrower passes away or no longer lives in the house. 

Benefits of reverse mortgage loans

When you work with some of the reputed reverse mortgage lenders in South Carolina, you can take advantage of several benefits.

  • The amount of cash is tax-free
  • No need to make payments monthly for the mortgage loan
  • Choose from a variety of cash disbursement options

What you should know before opting for refinancing a reverse mortgage loan

Before choosing the right mortgage broker in South Carolina, keep in mind that you have to meet certain requirements. An applicant should be 62 years old or older and must have a home. Also, it should be the primary residence. It means that you have to live there for at least six months one day per year. 

Moreover, you have to pay for taxes and insurance while continuing to maintain the property. The lenders will conduct an assessment based on your finances to find out if you are qualified. Additionally, you may need an independent housing counseling agency to know HECM guidelines and other regulations.

How to refinance a reverse mortgage

  • Check Eligibility 

Before choosing a HECM program SC, ensure that you meet the requirements. The type of mortgage you are applying for should fulfill the FHA requirement, too. It is good to check with your lender.

  • Make a thorough comparison

Before narrowing down your choices on the type of mortgage, it is wise to check different options. Compare terms of payment and other offers by different lenders. Choose the one that best suits your needs.

  • Verify the value of the home

You should know the exact value of your home to get a better offer.

  • Applying for the loan

After choosing the right lender, prepare the necessary documents and apply for the loan.

  • Closing the refinance

When the underwriting process is done, review your new loan and close the refinance of the reverse mortgage. Pay any fees applicable during the process.

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