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How to Overcome Five Common Essay Writing Problems

Only lucky students have never experienced problems when writing essays at school or in college. If you are among those chosen ones, then you can skip our article. But if you are always struggling when trying to fulfill your paperwork, then we have prepared tips for you on how to stop spending hours writing a one-page essay and overcome the five most common problems.

Find your muse

Sometimes the most difficult thing is to find inspiration. Sometimes it happens that we sit over our textbook reading and re-reading the topic of the essay but still have zero ideas in our mind. Of course, if we are interested in the topic we have to write about, then it will be pretty easy. Unfortunately, we are not always that lucky, so if you feel stuck, we recommend you to try to look for examples of essays on the same or similar topic. It can help you to understand how to and what to write about. And if it also doesn’t help, you order an essay written by a reliable writing service, for example, by

Use Google Calendar

The reason why sometimes students have problems with a large number of tasks is that they cannot plan. Time management is something everyone wants to be good at, but unfortunately for many, it’s really hard to try to find a balance between studies, part-time jobs, friends, relationships, sports, and a million other stuff students do 24/7. We get lost in those plans and arrangements, forgetting about most of the things we have to do and about deadlines. And actually, the only thing we have to do is to use Google Calendar or any other application that can help us to remember things. 

Fight procrastination

Sometimes we cannot explain why we don’t do something that we are supposed to. Even being perfectly aware of the deadlines of the size of the work that is waiting for them, they keep postponing it till the last moment. It’s hard to deal with it, but the only way out we see is to start doing at least something. Our brain cannot ignore unfinished things, so if you’ve done at least something, the hardest part is already done. So basically, you have to make the first step, and after that, it will be easier to finish the task.


We all are social creatures, so it’s almost impossible to find the situation when we don’t interact with the rest of the world. Even if you are in your room in a dorm, you can have noisy neighbors or a roommate who is listening to music and distracting you. And let’s be honest, we also pretty often forget about tasks and scroll our Instagram or watch videos on TikTok. Our recommendation is to try to block yourself from all external distractions: if it’s necessary to switch off the telephone, then do it.

Don’t forget about proofreading

If the text is written poorly, it’s not good for students because the essay idea might be great, but everything will be spoiled by some mistakes that can considerably influence the way the text is accepted by others.

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