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How to Increase Instagram Views Organically?

Want to increase your Instagram views? No need to worry about it now. The following write-up will help you get a tremendous number of views on Instagram reels, stories, posts, etc. All you have to do is try and follow the Instagram algorithm, and your views count will skyrocket!

Instagram Rules for More Views

Before trying out the hacks, you must be aware of some rules to reach the optimum viewing level on Instagram.

  • Optimal Posting Time: Try to upload your posts during that time when your audience is most active. You can do this with the help of Instagram insights.
  • Instagram Insights: Instagram Insights is a great way to know how to utilize the audience. This will help you to get a knack for how to use the Instagram essentials more wisely.
  • Engaging Captions: Posting with an engaging caption can help you to get better views. The caption must neither be too long nor too short but should be able to describe the content.
  • Socializing with your Audience: Rather than posting photos and reels, Instagram is also a communication platform where you meet many people. So, try to mix more by engaging in conversations in chats, comments, tags, etc., particularly if you are an influencer.
  • Reposting Content: Reposting content from your other social media accounts is not something unreliable. In fact, it is one of the quick-witted ways to gain an audience. You can also save a lot of cash and schedule.
  • Consistent is the Way Out: Even if you don’t follow the rules mentioned above, try to be consistent and diligent with your posts.

Now, it’s time to focus on some up-to-date hacks to help you to increase Instagram views organically.

Ideas to Increase Instagram Views

  • Put on some creativity with stickers: Putting stickers is the simplest idea to attract the viewers. Now, follow the instructions given below:
  1. Choose the content, such as an image or video that you want to put in your Instagram story.
  2. Choose the right or the most associated sticker for your story. You can select from the given options.
  • Location Sticker: After putting on the location, your story will appear on the public page, and everyone associated with that location will be able to see your story.
  • Hashtag Sticker: This sticker also works like the previous one by letting your story appear on the public page.
  • Poll Sticker: Poll sticker is the way to get knowledge about the whereabouts of your audience. It can be a good way to improvise your content.


  • Sharable Content is the mainstream idea: If you are very active on social media, then you definitely know that one has to be very creative to make their account stand out.  

Creating content that can be shared without any ifs and buts will expand your audience, ultimately increasing the number of views. Also, once your audience finds something likeable and funny, they will share it with others.

  • Instagram Live: Going live on Instagram can be considered one of the most honest and approachable ways to connect with your audience because you cannot edit the live stream. 

You can share news or promote a brand. Thus, this will make your content look more authentic and transparent. Real-time comments, questions, and feedback in the Instagram live sessions will further help you to enhance your bond with your audience.

  • Creating Instagram Ads: If you are willing to increase your views, you might also want to go to any extent. Hence, creating Instagram ads might cost you since it is paid, but it is worth it if done right. So how to do it?
  1. Firstly, open the Facebook ads manager.
  2. Choose the objective of your ad. In this case, it will be to get Instagram views.
  3. Give a name to your Instagram campaign.
  4. Choose where to place your ad. In this case, Instagram will be the ideal place for your ad.
  5. Now, choose the range of audience that you want to target for your ad. 
  6. Further, you have to mention your schedule and the budget that you are willing to spend on the creation of the ad.
  7. Lastly, choose your ad format.
  • Creating Reels on trending topics: Instagram reels have gained massive popularity in recent times. People are seen making reels in various places. However, to make your reel go viral, you must be very picky about the location, filter, content, etc. to be present in the reel.

Since a massive chunk of the audience views Instagram reels, make the best one and increase your views. 

  • Collaboration Time: Digital marketing is all about making strategies. If you have still not collaborated with an influencer, then you should do it immediately.

Collaborations will increase your followers in no time because you not only gain a wide range of audiences, but you also tend to learn a lot of things and new ideas from your fellow collaborator. There will be mutual sharing of each other’s audience.

  • The Real Me: Generally, it is believed that social media is primarily a web of lies, show-offs, and the pretense of being something else. But, won’t it be much better to be the real one?

Allowing the real person within you to shine out there will not only enhance your account productivity but also let you flourish with new ideas. Thus, try to post original content that reeks of you!

Wrapping Up

There might be some ideas that can be a little unapproachable depending on your lifestyle, but each and every one of them will help you in this long race called Instagram.

Along with the given ideas, you can also think and work out some other ways. You will eventually be able to maximize the number of audience and views. So, experiment a lot and create happiness!

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