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How To Grow A Business On Instagram

Instagram is a modern, effective and almost free business promotion tool. With the help of promoted accounts, people advertise and sell goods and services, introduce new brands, find the target audience and increase the profitability of their commercial projects.

If you are a businessman, freelancer, online store owner, designer, photographer or artist and intend to promote your products through this social network, but do not know where to start, then this article is for you. Today we will talk about how to do it without having to buy Instagram likes on your posts.

Main stages of promotion

This section is for those who intend to promote their account on their own. I warn you right away that promoting a page alone requires time and effort. You will have to work hard on creating unique content and original presentation style.

Well, if you are not the only one working in an online store. Ideally, a special person with skills in photo processing and marketing should be engaged in promoting and filling the account. Another specialist should be engaged in promotion and buy real Instagram likes on posts in order to attract the attention of users.

The main requirements for business accounts: creativity, variety of materials, unity of content and theme. Do not forget that Instagram is primarily a friendly community of people, and only then a platform for earning. Become a member of this community and you will definitely succeed.

Create an account and fill in information

Your profile photo is the first thing users will see when they land on your page. To promote the store, it is logical if the main photo is the logo of your company or the main product. Take time to design: the first impression of the picture is the decisive factor.

If you’re promoting your brand on all social media, which is exactly what you need to do to achieve the greatest effect, make your profile picture the same for all sites. This will create a recognizable image and will work for your popularity.

The description of the online store (brand) should be concise, but informative. Be sure to include contacts, location, type of activity, an external link to the main site. An active link should be preceded by a call to action, for example, tap to find out more information.

Strategy development

A business plan and strategy are essential. Decide in advance how often and on what topic you will create posts. It’s good when the regularity and themes are thought out for 1-2 weeks ahead. Being creative every day will be tiring.

Starting to maintain an account, you must clearly understand what the target audience of your store is and what else, besides sales, you can offer visitors. Because few people go to social networks in order to buy some goods for themselves. You must create such a need among the followers yourself.

Post quality content

This is discussed in every article. Content is everything. No interesting content — no subscribers and buyers. Even popular show business stars need quality content, otherwise users will simply ignore them.

The original style of the page is also important. Make it unforgettable, beautiful and concise. Or ask a designer.