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How To Get Free Webinars For Beginner Recruiters

I recommend Wim Mertens, Abel Korzeniowski. But the work – this is not all. Do you have a hobby, you are fond of playing in the theater? How does your life appear acting if you read newspapers on Naija gist blog? It all started back in the second grade with regional competitions of readers. His student years were KVN and dancing. Next – pause and active work in the design. But inside everything returns to normal. I found an excellent school of theatrical skill “most important task”. Thank you so much glory Zhyle and Alexey Vertinsky, our curator and spiritual leader. From the first lesson, I felt as acting close to myself and my work. Now I took a break, but the theater settled permanently in my soul. 

Was the final performance? Sure. Theatrical training at the outlet does not give some classical performances and does skits to cover the maximum required number of roles. For example, I played the dog and Wood. Theater music on the blog gives a sense of tact, it is very helpful for presentations, keeping silence, understanding, and articulation. I advise everyone. Does the theater often go? What do you advise? If possible, I go, yes. In recent years, however, I miss: small son imposes its rules on time management. But the family, for example, continues to walk every week. This unconditional right of Saturday evening to watch news websites. My favorite theaters – “Young” and “Drama and Comedy Theater on the Left Bank.” Another of new non-canonical, I strongly advise Theater “The Misanthrope.” They have a wonderful play “King Ubu”. This is a farce-comedy about the Polish leader, but the events overlap with the realities of American society. 

REKRUTORIYA is a series of webinars in which experts HeadHunter the US and invited experts will share their experience and expertise in matters of recruitment. Who is this project? The project is primarily designed for beginners in the field of recruiting. Terms of participation: Free Webinars. The number of seats is not limited. One company in the webinar can participate as many employees. Registration is required. Follow the news of the project and can open registration on the Telegram channel.

As koronakrizis affect the wages and personnel management processes in American companies? “Deloitte” in the US in conjunction with the American Chamber of Commerce in the US conducted a survey among 22 companies. Share its major results. The study authors interviewed representatives of 22 American companies: mainly senior managers and HR-directors. And it is worth saying that it is not so bad in 2020 as he is painted. Half of the company’s scheduled scans salaries are unchanged, bonuses are paid too, and the plan to release from quarantine developed. It is possible the exchange of practices and ideas is extremely useful for companies in the process of finding their own approaches to the management of personnel in the background of a changing environment during a pandemic. 

Elena Boychenko, director of Human Capital Advisory Services, Deloitte, in the US What will happen to salaries: Revision of key messages salaries passes almost unchanged. Half of the respondents planning to conduct or have conducted a regular review of salaries. Paying less or more – production workers. Most often, when watching top managers and office workers did not receive such a large increase, as before, but increased the percentage of production workers. Most everything is intact. 

The overwhelming majority of respondents did not respond to a crisis or unplanned reductions in salary increases. Bonuses are also paid with no change in half companies. I have a plan. Over 80% of companies are developing or have developed a plan of action after the release from quarantine, and only 9% have not yet engaged in its development. These plans include the reorganization of office space, to create the possibility of social distancing, and enhanced security measures are allowed to work from home. Mass layoffs will not. 64% of companies plan to maintain the current number of employees, and only 14% of respondents said that they would resort to staff cuts as part of at least one category of employees.

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