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How to Get Free NFT in 2023?

In gaming or art, NFTs are an innovative way to express yourself. These digital collectibles are 100% unique, meaning you own a one-of-a-kind item. Since the NFT boom of 2021, this tech has been incorporated in numerous sectors like art, fashion, music, and gaming.

Why Are NFTs So Expensive?

The growing popularity of NFTs is also reflected in their prices. Non-fungible tokens are versatile assets, allowing holders to profit via numerous types of investments. Therefore, even though they begin as low as $0.01, most tokens are priced relatively high.

An NFT can have a price tag of millions because of its uniqueness. No two tokens are the same, as these items cannot be reproduced. Their blockchain tech also helps secure asset ownership in the digital world. As a result, NFTs offer valuable investment opportunities.

Therefore, the minting of these tokens typically requires a gas fee. You can also purchase NFTs using fiat or cryptocurrencies on digital marketplaces.

Top Ways to Get Free NFTs

However, there are several ways you can get free NFTs as well. From tracking NFT airdrops to playing free-to-play games like Chainers, here are the top ways to get free tokens.

NFT Games Free to Play

Gaming is the most entertaining way to win NFTs, as it lets you get free tokens via exciting gameplay. Moreover, these titles are available in a variety of genres, including classical arcade games, open-world games, role-playing, and more. Players can earn free digital collectibles by completing missions in NFT games. Free-to-play gameplay may require winning battles, interacting with other games, or defeating rivals to earn points.

Most in-game mechanics use a cumulative system. With this setup, you will have to accumulate credits by completing missions. When you have collected enough points, you may be eligible to get free NFTs.

These collectibles may come in the form of skins, outfits, weapons, tools, or more. Additionally, NFT games may also allow you to create your own tokens. You can then even trade these NFTs with other players in the gaming community.


Moreover, you can also get free NFTs via airdrops. Companies usually distribute the tokens to whitelisted individuals. These free NFT airdrops are typically accessed by completing some essential task.

To qualify for an airdrop distribution, you must thus have to

  •     Participate in a specific event
  •     Complete a promotional task like tweeting/liking a post or following an account
  •     Own a special token

However, some airdrops occur randomly as well. For example, hosting contests-based giveaways is standard for most NFT projects. But sometimes, they may hand out free tokens for promotions.

Staying updated on your social media helps you grab such offers in time. Many NFT developers announce their giveaways on these sites. Following these accounts on Instagram, Telegram, or more will help you get the tokens in time.

However, it would help if you were careful about where you get your NFTs. Between 2021 and 2022, the losses from NFT-based crimes were up 667%. You should, therefore, participate only in airdrops hosted by legit/verified projects.

Referral Programmes

You can also win non-fungible tokens by referring the NFT projects/titles to friends. Many NFT projects rely on customer referrals to expand their business. In such cases, these companies will offer you free tokens as rewards.

In exchange, you will have to invite your friends to join the NFT platform. If any new user joins via your shared link, you may receive free tokens as a reward. A referral program is primarily a promotional marketing strategy. As a result, each NFT project will have varying T&Cs.

For example, Company A may give you NFTs as soon as you share your link on social media.

On the other hand, Company B may send you the reward only when your reference creates an account with them.

Some affiliate programs also have a progressive reward system. In this model, you may get your increasing share tokens every time a new user signs ups using your affiliate link.

NFT Marketplaces

The non-fungible token created by digital artists and programmers is leveraged at NFT marketplaces. These platforms are where buyers and sellers gather to look for items like

  •     Virtual goods like game NFTs, skins, mods, and more
  •     Virtual/digital art
  •     Collectibles

NFT marketplaces also let users trade tokens and collectibles. Many times these transactions use no currency. Users visit these platforms to scope items and collectibles. Sometimes, these NFT marketplaces also run promotions offering free tokens.

The type and quality of the collectibles may vary depending on the platform. Moreover, there may be varying levels to the free giveaway. For example, you may get a basic token for visiting the site three days in a row.

However, if you participate in community events, you may get better-quality tokens. These missions typically involve sharing posts about their campaigns. You may also get better NFTs for completing tasks like liking the platform’s posts on their social media pages.

Things to Know When Getting Free NFTs

But you must be careful about the site you are promoting/visiting. A popular NFT marketplace recently reported that over 80% of its content was fake. This platform allowed users to create an NFT for free, increasing counterfeit collectibles, plagiarized art, and even spam.

Thus, it would be best to do due diligence when attempting to get a free NFT. Be it an NFT marketplace, a game, or a project, you should only choose a safe and reputable service.  


To summarize, the best way to get non-fungible tokens is to

  •     Play free NFT games
  •     Visit NFT marketplaces
  •     Participate in community events
  •     Try referral programs
  •     Keep track of airdrops and giveaways

Using these methods, you can get a non-fungible token without spending a single penny.

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