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How to Dress Up for a Garden Party? The Easy Style Hacks to Keep in Mind

Garden Party

Women love to dress up for any event or occasion. While some women want to keep their entire dress code casual, others might prefer to be a little bit dressy. Also, the venue and a woman’s mood have an essential role in how she ultimately dresses up for an occasion. Today, many women often get invited for a garden party. While that is a great chance to click some fantastic pictures for Instagram, it is also essential to dress up well and look your best.

Usually, garden parties start early evening, so that there is ample light for people to take pictures. However, some garden parties start at six in the evening and can go up till late evening or night. It all depends on the one hosting the party. Having said that, how you dress up depends entirely on you. Whether you want to dress up casually or want to make a statement with your attire and accessories – it all depends on you. But if you want to correct your dress code for a garden party, the following hacks can help you.

  1. Say yes to lightweight fabrics

A garden party is an outdoor event. And if you attend such a party, especially during summertime, you should always choose lightweight and breathable fabrics. It would help if you searched for dresses or shirts in cotton or linen. Stay away from synthetic fabrics, such as rayon or polyester. Instead of choosing a long-sleeved button-down or a pant, you must select a breezy skirt or a dress. No one wants to sweat profusely while attending a garden party. You can bid farewell to excess summer sweat when choosing lightweight fabrics.

  1. Get smart with your makeup

When dressing up for a garden party, you must choose your makeup accordingly. It would help if you didn’t overdo your makeup, as that can make you appear out of place. Usually, a garden party will have nature elements around it. That means you must choose a makeup pallet that blends well with the surroundings. So, ensure that you wear a clean face and don’t spend much time contouring it. Instead, stick to your basic concealer and foundation. If you love to put blush, choose a pale pink or light coral shade that highlights your cheekbone. In terms of lip shade, you can choose a dark one, but make sure to go light with your eye makeup. It’s always wise to use light make-up and a pleasant lip shade, such as light brown or warm pink. Wearing a classy make-up is the best idea.

  1. Get a hat to make a statement

Some women love to create a style statement! If you are one of them, you can create a style statement at a garden party itself. For that, you don’t have to dress up over the top. Wearing a stylish hat does the trick completely. Are you wondering which hat type you should choose? If yes, the cowboy hat styles are an excellent choice for you. This hat is available in multiple fabrics, such as felt, straw, or leather. If it’s a garden party during the summer months, a straw cowboy hat is an ideal choice. It is lightweight and will blend in very well with your surroundings and attire. If you plan to attend a garden party during winter, you can select a cowboy hat in leather, as that is apt for when the weather is slightly cooler.

  1. Experiment with your accessories

Once you have decided on the attire, the headwear, and the makeup, it’s time to focus on the accessories. When it comes to choosing a bag, a sling bag is your best choice for a garden party. The sling bag doesn’t occupy much space, and it also has enough space for you to carry what you need, such as money, debit or credit card, a comb, lip gloss, and anything else that is essential for you. If you want, you can choose the dainty bracelets and pendants that will enhance your look. If you want, you can also choose a cocktail ring that can act as a center jewelry piece for your overall attire and make a style statement.

Last but not least, you need to pay attention to your shoe. If you are wearing a dress or skirt in a lightweight fabric, you can choose a good-looking flat, flip-flops, or say yes to a stylish wedge in the metallic shade to bring in a specific contrast. Also, if you want, you can also wear a stiletto that will add more feminine charm to your look. How you dress for a garden party is your decision. But when you have a few essential guidelines, you can always dress better and look your best.


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