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How to Display Your Anime Figures Like a Pro

The iconic harbour city of Sydney is known for its stunning landmarks, such as the Sydney Opera House, Harbour Bridge, and the beautiful Bondi Beach. Amidst the vibrant culture, there is a rising fandom for anime, which brings an interesting aspect of the culture – anime figures. Collecting anime figures has become a beloved hobby for many. After getting your hands on some amazing figures from an anime shop in Sydney, the next step is to display them like a pro. Here’s how:

Consider the Space and Shelving

The first step in setting up an impressive display is considering the available space. Dedicating a specific area for your collection is crucial. Use shelves that complement the aesthetic of your room. Floating shelves or glass cabinets work wonderfully. Opting for a minimalist design can highlight the figures themselves. When visiting an anime shop in Sydney, watching for some unique display units is wise. Adjustable shelves can be beneficial as they accommodate figures of different sizes.

Implement Creative Arrangements

How you arrange the figures on the shelves can make a huge difference. Instead of just lining them up, experiment with different formations. You can group them according to series, characters, or colour schemes. Try elevating some figures on stands to add depth to the display. Placing larger figures at the back and smaller ones in front can create an engaging visual hierarchy. Creating a themed section, like an action scene from your favourite anime, can be an eye-catching element in your display.

Pay Attention to Lighting

Lighting is an aspect that often gets overlooked. Proper lighting can make your anime figures come to life. LED strips or spotlights are excellent choices. Place the lights in such a way that they enhance the features of the figures without overpowering them. Adjustable lights can be particularly useful in creating the desired atmosphere. Experiment with different colours or intensities to see what complements your figures best. Adding motion-sensor lights can be a great way to surprise and dazzle visitors when they approach your collection.

Maintain and Clean Regularly

Regular maintenance is key to ensure that your anime figures look their best. Dust and dirt can accumulate and take away the charm of your collection. Use a soft brush and cloth to clean the figures gently. When you visit the anime shop in Sydney, consider investing in cleaning supplies specifically designed for collectibles. Establish a cleaning schedule, and handle the figures carefully during cleaning to avoid any damage. Maintaining the cleanliness of the surrounding area is also essential to reduce dust accumulation.

Personalise Your Display

Lastly, adding a personal touch to your display can make it truly one of a kind. This could include using backdrops, creating dioramas, or adding foliage for a natural touch. Get creative and let your display reflect your personality and passion for anime. Including memorabilia like posters or autographs can also add a special flair. Remember, your display is an extension of your love for anime, so don’t hesitate to infuse it with elements that resonate with you.


Visiting an anime shop in Sydney can begin an exciting journey of collecting and displaying anime figures. Your anime figures can be displayed like a pro with the right space, creative arrangements, proper lighting, regular maintenance, and personalisation. This will enhance the beauty of your living space and serve as a testament to your love for the rich and enthralling world of anime. Keep evolving your display techniques to ensure your collection stays vibrant and captivating. Sharing your display with fellow enthusiasts can also be a great way to connect and engage with the anime community.

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