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How to choose the right Apple Watch band size:

Apple Watch

Apple watches are a new style statement for the users who want to stay classy as well as look elegant at the same time. As such Apple products are now always trendy thus many users are attracted to buy them. Therefore there are numerous options for straps to choose from, the user can buy directly from the store or they can search apple watch straps India and they will find numerous online platforms to choose from. 

How to choose the right Apple Watch band size:

Measuring the wrist:

Measuring the size of the wrist is always the best option as such it will provide the exact measurement of the user’s wrist. For instance, if the buyer has a piece of cloth or a string then all he/she has to do is wrap the string or the cloth around their wrist and then place that cloth/string on a flat surface and measure it with the help of a scale or any measuring tool. 

One thing to keep in mind is that the Apple watches use dimensions that come in millimeters therefore one must convert the measurements into millimeters. For instance, Apple Watch Series 7 comes in 41mm and 45mm sizes while on the other hand, Apple Watch SE comes with 40mm and 44mm size variants. 

To shed more light on the matter, 40 – 41 mm Apple watches are made for the user with a wrist size of 130mm to 200mm user, and 44 – 45 mm Apple Watches are made to fit the user with a wrist size of 140 mm to 220 mm. Numerous products are available in the market. 

1. 38mm Apple watch bands:

The starting generation of the Apple watch bands usually came in different sizes as such they were the stellar gadgets. One thing to keep in mind while buying is that the series 3 Apple watches come in a 38mm band size, therefore one must always select the 38/40 size option. 

These sizes of bands ideally fit the person with the wrist size ranging between 130mm to 200mm.

2. 40 mm Apple watch bands:

Apple watch bands with the size of 44mm are one of the most versatile sizes as such Apple watch series 4, 5, 6, and SE comes in this size. These 40mm wrist bands fit the customer’s wrist with the size between 130mm to 200mm perfectly. 

3. Apple watch wrist with 42mm:

The 42mm Apple wrist band generally comes for the wrist that is a bit larger in size. As such these 42mm wrist bands fit perfectly for the customers who have a size ratio of 140mm to 220mm. There are some larger versions of the Apple watch series 3 that support the 42mm wristband size perfectly.

4. 44mm Apple watch band:

The Apple watch band with the size of 44mm is one of the largest bands that Apple has to offer. This 44mm Apple watch band comes with apple watch series like 4, 5, 6, and SE models. This size fits perfectly for customers who have a wrist size between 140mm to 220mm.


The above given is the complete guide of all the Apple wristwatch sizes that the brand has to offer. As such finding a perfect size for the wrist is very important, if the dial is small with respect to the wrist then it will look odd. The same goes for the fact that if the dial is big and the wrist is small then also it will look odd, therefore it is very important to look for the ideal size that fits your hand perfectly and improves your overall personality.

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