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How To Check (And Track) The Rank Of A YouTube Video

The YouTube business has evolved so much that almost everyone wants a piece of it. However, to get it, you need to put in hours and work hard – which nobody wants to do, and those who do are earning handsome amounts from their channels. The primary question which is always on the face of most web pages is how to rank YouTube videos?

There are many solutions to that question, and the first one is to track the rank of your YouTube video regularly. It is clear that without following your video’ progress, how can you attempt to rank it?

How to check the Rank of A YouTube Video Using Online Tools?

The internet is a vast ocean of knowledge, tools, and services. There are multiple ways to check a YouTube video’s rank. That is why from lots of options come also doubts and most importantly, it gets hard to find the best one in an ocean of tools.

Some will not perform properly or be accurate enough, other will have very expensive fee’s for tools which could be found for free elsewhere. But, we did the digging and testing for you and found some of the best and free rank tracking tools for you.

In fact, you can check your video’s ranks and how they are doing by using online tools specifically designed to perform this task automatically, and…for free too. Using these tools means you don’t have to worry about opening numerous pages and checking stats and graphs, or going incognito, clearing your cache or using proxies. The results are displayed in seconds as the whole process is automated. And the results can be 100% accurate with the appropriate tool. Just provide your video’s link and sit back!

LenosTube Free Rank Tracker

These guys – LenosTube – are practical and are trending for their superb services. You can enjoy their multiple benefits, including YouTube monetization, buying like buying subscribers, and other YouTube marketing services.

What is more? They have also provided a free rank checker and tracker for a unlimited time, with built-in graph, country selection and track over time for the targeted keywords.

With their tool, which uses the official YouTube API to provide incredibly accurate results, checking your video’s rank is as easy as it gets. See below, you just need keywords, country and video link and then the tool will check and track for you.

Other Services and how to find the best?

There is so much rush and variety on the web that consumers often find themselves standing at a crossroads – confused about which way to choose.

Similarly, some people have skills, and some are just after your money – and they are abundant on the internet.

The question is who to trust?

You may find more trusted and tried services by checking some comparison and reviews websites, such as SocialMarketing90, a go-to for many digital and YouTube marketers, or in the old school way, by doing a quick Google Search about rank tracking tools for YouTube.

But of course, beware, as some might later require you to purchase a plan, they might stop tracking the video or even worse, provide inaccurate results, so make sure to test any tool carefully, as rank checking is something that requires great accuracy and reliability!

YouTube Analytics Implementation

We use rank tracking to understand the performance and growth of our videos. But your videos ranking performance should be backed up by analysis and usage of that powerful tool you have in your YouTube studio: YouTube Analytics.

Whatever the case, the first thing pros check regularly is the stats of analytics of their YouTube. Here is how you can do the same:

· Login to your YouTube channel.

· On the top right corner of your screen, click on your profile icon, and from a drop-down menu, select YouTube Studio.

Now, you can see all your channel’s activity on this screen. On the left-hand side, you can see Dashboard, Content, Playlist, Comments, Subtitles, etc.

· Now, click on the Analytics from the left-hand menu to see the analytics.

As you can see, a different section of your channel’s analytics. You can now toggle between Overview, Reach, Engagement and Audience.

· Finally, to see the performance of individual videos, you need to click on the advanced mode. Also, you can download a report in CSV. or Google Sheets format.

YouTube analytics shed light on multiple parts of your channel. However, it would be best to remember that pros use this section of YouTube most frequently to track the progress of their channel and videos and therefore, if you want to be one too, you must not underestimate the importance of obsessively analyze all the precious data available, along with a video’s rank tracking.

Why do you need to track your YouTube Videos?

Suppose you wish to become a pilot. What will you do? You will track your progress, and, step by step, you will achieve your goal one day by crushing your shortcomings.

In the same way, becoming a successful YouTuber is not a ‘one day leap forward.’ You need to apply your channel statistics and analytics to your actions and improve the lacking areas.

Ultimately, there will come a day when you will also be standing in the line of high-earning YouTube channel owners and by tracking your growth, you know you are going toward that direction.

Benefits of knowing the rank of a YouTube video

There are numerous perks to knowing how well your videos are performing. Knowing the rank brings you the following opportunities.

  • You know where your channel is heading and what you can expect from it in the future.
  • You get a chance to overcome the flaws and shortcomings of your content.
  • You also get to know about your viewers and their fondness. What do they love about your videos, and what portion of your videos are getting more engagement.
  • Similarly, from comments and dislikes, you can also note down that particular side of your content that is more admired and that worst side of your content that fetches your ‘dislikes’.
  • A PRO TIP (Not related to rank tracking!) – A safe amount of dislikes can also mean that you have begun to attract some serious audience. Similarly, when dislikes exceed the safe zone, you need to take a step back, recollect your thoughts, and find your weak spots while addressing them.


You may also use a few browsers extensions like Tube Buddy to help you with SEO and check the rank of your videos. However, services like these often mask their true potential in paid versions, so using free tools like YouTube Studio Analytics or LenosTube Rank Tracker are better.

If you desire to become a successful YouTuber, it is highly recommended to keep inspecting your videos’ ranks and track their progress and, in this article, I showed you the best sites and places to do so.

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