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How Storm Damage Lawyers Help Property Owners With Denied Insurance Claims?

Dealing with wind and storm damage insurance claims is no easy task. In the aftermath of a storm, Insurance companies dispatch claim adjusters, often called storm chasers, to assess and calculate the extent of loss and damages in every state. These storm chasers might not be familiar with homeowners’ insurance claims and building code requirements.

In such cases, homeowners without legal knowledge find dealing with insurance companies on their exhausting. Convincing the insurance company to cover the damage is challenging for an individual. This article explains what to do when a storm has damaged your property and how to claim your insurance. 

When to Consult an Attorney for Storm Damage Claims?

Suppose the storm damage to your property is minor, and you feel confident in understanding your policy and negotiating a fair settlement. In that case, you may not require the assistance of a property damage lawyer to file your insurance claim. However, there are specific scenarios where seeking the help of a lawyer is essential, and even then, you should make sure that the lawyer is specialized and has expertise in claiming insurance policies like Flores & Pelaez-Prada so that your claims can be handled and resolved quickly. The following are some of the reasons why you should reach out to a storm damage lawyer. 

1. Disagreement On Reason for Damage: 

Sometimes the insurance company will try to claim your house is damaged because of wear and tear, not the storm. You believe that the strong winds are the reason for severe damages on the side, but your insurance company conducts an inspection and only considers damages on the surface area. Even minor disagreements about the type or extent of damage can make a difference. 

2. Disagreement in Coverage

If you want your insurance company to cover your damages under your policy, they disagree. When you think your roof needs to be replaced because the wind damaged it, your insurance company is willing to pay only for the repairs. In these cases, having a lawyer with experience in the industry can help you claim your coverage. 

3. When Your Claim is Denied

If your insurance claim for the damage caused by the storm is rejected, and you don’t even know why they were denied, you can contact a lawyer. There are several reasons why an insurance company denies a claim, but that does not mean that you should just accept the rejection if you don’t understand or agree with that. A lawyer can help you fight for your claim payment.

4. Bad Faith 

When your insurance company handles your claim, it always acts in bad faith. An insurance company acts as if they don’t believe you when it denies or pays you less than your claim for unfair reasons. In this case, your only support to stand for you to fight and claim your payments is a lawyer, who can guide you in either filing a case or filing a lawsuit against the insurance company. 

Remember that you should not accept a settlement you do not feel happy or satisfied with until you have investigated adequately with a legal and experienced professional. If your property has severe damages and your insurance coverage is complex, you should contact an attorney before you submit a claim. This will be beneficial for claims that involve farms, condos, commercial buildings, and other properties that often carry many layers of coverage. 

What To Do if Your Property Has Been Damaged After a Storm?

You should follow these steps if your property has been damaged due to the strong winds during a storm: 

  • You should have a photocopy or video of the damage as evidence.
  • Create a list of all your damaged belongings, including appliances and furnishings.
  • Save all the receipts and paperwork you have incurred related to the damage.
  • Contact and report to your insurance company about the injury.
  • Seek the help of a property damage lawyer to claim the insurance without any issues or delay.

How Storm Damage Lawyers Help Property Owners Claim Insurance

Storm damage lawyers are vital in assisting property owners whose insurance claims have been denied. Property owners rely on insurance coverage to cover their damages when a massive storm destroys it. However, insurance companies sometimes deny claims, leaving homeowners feeling helpless and burdened with substantial repair costs.

In this challenging situation, storm damage lawyers step in to advocate for your rights, help you navigate the complex legal processes, and ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve. 

1. Conducting Reviews

One of the common and primary ways lawyers use to help you claim your property insurance is by conducting reviews about the insurance policy. The entire insurance policy files or documents will be complex and filled with technical jargon, which is difficult for an average person to read and understand. Storm damage lawyers are people expertise.   

Storm damage lawyers possess the expertise to interpret these policies and identify potential loopholes or clauses that insurance companies might exploit to deny claims. They work closely with their clients to analyze the specific circumstances of the storm damage and determine the extent of coverage that should apply, making a compelling case for the claim’s validity.

2. Skilled Negotiations

The storm damage lawyers thoroughly understand and know the property insurance industry’s best practices and regulations. Not only that, but they are also well-versed in the legal procedures and requirements that are necessary to file an appeal for a claim. 

If denied insurance claims are denied, these lawyers can skillfully negotiate and represent you in discussions with your insurance companies. Attorneys use their skills and experience to challenge the denials by the insurance company and present persuasive arguments in favor of approving the claim.

3. Collecting Evidence

In some cases, insurance companies deny claims based on allegations that the damage was caused due to the policyholder’s negligence or failure to meet specific conditions. In such situations, storm damage lawyers assist property owners by collecting evidence, interviewing witnesses, and seeking input from relevant professionals like engineers and contractors to assess the extent and cause of the damage.

This thorough investigation aims to challenge the grounds on which the insurance company denied the claim and suggest compensation to the property owner.

4. Legal Proceedings

Fighting for an insurance claim after being denied by the insurance company without experience or knowledge in the field is challenging. Lawyers can negotiate with the insurance company and represent you in court. Taking this claim to the court is practical. Lawyers help present a compelling case before the judge and jury, advocate for your rights, and pursue fair compensation. 


If you are grappling with denied insurance claims, seeking assistance from storm damage lawyers is the best course of action. They help property owners claim the insurance payment they deserve for the damage caused by storms. Their expertise in insurance policies, industry practices, and negotiation skills can empower you to challenge the insurance company’s denial and secure the compensation you deserve.

Storm damage lawyers offer property owners support, guidance, and legal representation, allowing them to contest insurance company denials and rebuild their lives and properties after a storm or hurricane.

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