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How Immigration Consultants Can Help With Different Singapore Visas

How Immigration Consultants Can Help With Different Singapore Visas

The immigration process can be daunting, but there are excellent immigration consultancy services in Singapore that can help you through every step of the process.

They can advise you on what type of visa suits your needs and help monitor the progress of your application.

One Visa, for example, is an award-winning immigration consultancy with a team of licensed immigration service consultants in Singapore. Its experts have extensive knowledge of the Singapore immigration system and are well-equipped to resolve your case.

PR & Citizenship

If you are looking to move to Singapore and have plans to apply for a PR or citizenship visa, are the best option for help. They are familiar with the different visa applications and processes and can help you submit the application on time. Their expertise can also help you overcome any challenges during the process.

They will also ensure that your application follows immigration rules and regulations. They will help you prepare documents and fill out the required forms. They will also assist with the interview if needed.

The easiest way to attain PR in Singapore is through the Professional/Technical Personnel & Skilled Workers Scheme (PTS). This scheme is aimed at foreign professionals working in Singapore for six months or more. They are eligible for this scheme if they can contribute to the Singapore economy and society regarding work experience, qualifications, and professional skills.

In addition to this, they will also need to prove that they have a stable income and a solid plan for their long-term future in Singapore. It will ensure that their application is accepted and they have a good chance of acquiring their desired immigration status.

Employment & Entrepreneurship

If your goal is to gain citizenship in Singapore, there are also a few things you should keep in mind. For example, you should hire a reputable agency to guide you through the interview and appeals processes. It can increase your chances of obtaining your desired immigration status.

Alternatively, you can apply for the Entrepreneurship Scheme (GIP). This scheme offers a fast track to PR status but requires a high investment and business turnover. It can be used by entrepreneurs starting up a new business or expanding an existing one. Applicants must meet employment and financial milestones over a three-year period.

Another option is to apply for the Family-linked Employment Pass (ETS), which allows spouses and unmarried children under 21 years old to join you in Singapore. However, this is a relatively complex process that involves many different elements.

It is advisable to hire an immigration agency that can offer a free online initial profile analysis. This assessment tool will help you determine your chances of approval and if any problems should be addressed before applying.

The agency should be able to provide you with a free consultation and explain the process. They can even file appeals on your behalf if needed.

Family & Dependents

Dependents can also migrate to Singapore under the Employment or Training Pass or a Student Pass if they meet certain conditions. These include meeting the respective visa requirements, having sufficient funds, and traveling directly from their home country en route to Singapore.

The Singapore government has a strong immigration policy that encourages immigrants worldwide to settle in Singapore. It has helped the city-state retain its status as Asia’s premier business and investment hub. It has also attracted several professionals who have relocated to Singapore to work in the financial, information technology, and healthcare sectors.

Business & Investment

The Singapore government offers a wide range of visas for different purposes. These include tourist, work permit, employment pass, training pass, and student visas. Each one of these has its own requirements and eligibility criteria.

Foreigners can apply for a tourist visa from the embassy or consulate in their home country. This visa allows them to visit Singapore for thirty days. It is the most common type of visa that Indians use every year when they travel to Singapore for tourism reasons.

For those who want to stay in Singapore longer, an immigration consultant can help them apply for an employment or training pass. These passes are issued by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM).

A Singapore work permit is valid for one to two years. It can be extended if the worker’s circumstances change.

Those with a job offer from an employer in Singapore who meet the minimum monthly salary can apply for this pass. They must be a professional, manager-in-charge, or director who earns a fixed monthly salary of at least $3,600.

This type of pass is not for everyone, however. It is for highly qualified employees with a Singapore-based company who are offered a permanent job.

After the work permit is approved, MOM sends an In-Principle Approval letter to the employing Singapore company. The company then pays the fees and collects the pass.

Individuals with an Entre Pass can bring their spouse and children to Singapore as long as they are eligible. These include common-law spouses, unmarried handicapped children, and unmarried step-children under the age of 21.

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