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How Can You Get a DWI Dismissed in Texas?

You must know your constitutional rights and legal conditions to dismiss your DWI charge. In many cases, you can dismiss a DWI in Texas. However, it is possible when you know how the law works. You must confront all the witnesses and check the evidence with legal expertise for better outcomes. You can hire a Fort Bend DWI lawyer when facing a DWI charge. A Fort Bend County criminal defense lawyer can identify police mistakes and make it impossible for the prosecution to prepare a strong case against you. When you want to dismiss a DWI in Texas, visit an experienced DWI lawyer to fight for you.

How to Dismiss a DWI in Texas

A DWI case can get resolved in three stages: dismissal, trial, or plea. You can dismiss the case on the mistakes made by the police during the arrest or testing process. Here are a few grounds to dismiss your DWI case in Texas.

Lack of Cause 

The police authorities will need a valid reason to arrest and detain you.  They will administer a blood or breath test to make an arrest. However, when they detain you without probable cause, your lawyer will have a reason to dismiss your DWI. Any arrest without probable cause is illegal. A Fort Bend DWI attorney can argue against the arrest in that condition. Legal professionals can dismiss your DWI case when no valid reason is present. 

No Reasonable Suspension

The police authorities will have to show reasonable suspicion for a traffic stop. The officer must have the evidence to prove that you have done something unlawful. The police will need facts and evidence to prove your DWI. An attorney can find flaws and fight for you when you are innocent. The legal expert will file a motion to suppress illegally obtained evidence. As a result, the DWI will get dismissed.

Inaccurate BAC Test 

An inaccurate Blood Alcohol Concentration test can also lead to DWI dismissal. Invalid scientific results and false readings will work in your favor. When inexperienced officers do tests with faulty blood and breathing devices, a lawyer can use a defensive approach to justify the inaccurate reading. Also, some foods, including fermented soda, ripened fruits, protein bars, energy drinks, and medicines, can impact the test results. Your lawyer will consider all these factors and try to dismiss your DWI on false reading results. 

Baseless Arrests or Stops 

An experienced DWI attorney can prove your innocence when arrested or stopped due to racial profiling, unconstitutional search, and lack of probable causes. Once you face any DWI charges, hire an attorney immediately to reduce the severity or dismiss it. Legal experts can offer you the best help in this trying time. 

These are some conditions to dismiss DWI in Texas. Hiring an attorney is the first and most important thing to do when facing a DWI. There will be some strict deadlines you need to follow. Therefore, take the help of experts once you get stopped or arrested for DWI. An attorney will study your case and find ways to get your DWI dismissed. 

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