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We all have heard the term pirated content but do we know what that means? Pirated media is referred to as copyright owner, and others must give a charge to use it. However, when people begin to use it for free, it is referred to as illegal material. 

We are going to discuss the most popular pirated domain HDMoviePlus in today’s article. People prefer to mostly watch movies at their homes in their comfort zones. Majority of people in the nation reside in rural regions, which are devoid of theaters, malls, or other entertainment options, thus they prefer watching movies from pirated sites which offer free download services to their users. 

What is HDmoviePlus? 

HDMoviePlus allows its users to watch the latest movies in high quality for absolutely free. It has a very easy system interface and offers easy download services for absolutely free. Anyone may easily access movies ranging from Bollywood to Hollywood along with  web series, TV shows, and cartoons on the HdMoviePlus.

Pakistan is another country where this website is very popular and well known. This website contains movies in the following resolutions: 360p, 720p, 1080p, 300MB, 600MB, 900MB, and 1GB to 3GB. it also offers movies and web series in large sub categories like comedy, horror, science fiction, action, drama, thriller, animation, and cartoons, among others. 

HdMoviePlus Movie Categories contains a wide range of movie genres forming a vast category of movie such that it has more 15 movie categories in latest updates.It also contains hindi dubbed series of most popular series Game of Thrones with all seasons for users to download and watch. 

Why is HDMoviePlus the most widely used movie website?

There are many websites offering free downloads of the latest released movies on the internet but HDMoviesPlus still ranks the top. The simplicity of the home page layout is another most important factor. Simply choose the picture from the genre, visit the download links, click the download button, and the movie will begin downloading via your smartphone to the desktop. The technique is so simple that anybody can download movies from this website. 

There really are numerous sites that provide Hindi, English, Tamil, Punjabi, Gujarati, and Telugu movie streaming for free online. But in addition to all of these animated Hindi-dubbed films, HDMoviePlus also offers Pakistani full movies, which contributes to the popularity of this site in Pakistan. 

How to download movies on HDMoviePlus ? 

We have already mentioned about the simple user interface and homepage layout of this website,which is the most important factor for its popularity. The ads that are displayed on this website are the cause of the issue with downloading movies from this website. Pop-up advertisements are used by all of these websites to monetize which can be very irritating and cause headaches. Follow the simple steps to download movies from HDMoviePlus :- 

  • In order to begin, one must launch the HdMoviePlus website in your mobile browser.
  • Choose the genre for the film you want to download on your device. 
  • Write the original name of the film title in the search box if you can’t find it by category.
  • Select Water Searched Movies next.
  • To download a high-quality movie, click on it.
  • Next, select Download Server.
  • Your movie will now begin to download.

Latest leaked movies on HDMoviePlus

The illegal website frequently posts movies on their website before the scheduled release date. There are several Bollywood movies which are released on HDMoviePlus movieplus before date such as:- Sooryavanshi, Sardar Udham, Bhoot Police etc.

Legal Substitutes other than HDMoviesPlus 

You can always turn to legal and more secure platforms to watch movies and web shows if you don’t want to watch pirated movies. Some legal platforms include :- 

1. MX player 

For both iOS and Android mobile devices, there is a video streaming app called MX Player. It occupies the number one spot of the finest websites to watch movies and the newest seasons of web series. Thus you will be able to watch a lot of things in different languages such as Hindi, English, South Indian and as well as you will be able to stream OTT programmes and web series. 

2. Hot Star

Hot Star is a high quality video streaming app which is very well-liked by people in India. This platform provides daily streaming of TV shows, reality shows, Sports and many more such things so if you are a fan of reality shows you can watch it here.

3. Jio Movies

Jio  cinema is a mobile video streaming app which is only available for jio users for free. If you want to download it and then watch then you can download it as well as you can save it or simply watch it online as per your choice. These movies or any content is only accessible to JIO SIM card users ,no other party can use it. 

4.  Amazon Prime Video 

Nowadays, Amazon prime video is the most popular streaming platform. This is a premium video streaming app created by amazon where you need to pay on a monthly basis or annually depending on your wish.

5.  Netflix

A high-quality video streaming service is offered by Netflix, an American company.It offers a broad range of movies, from Bollywood to Hollywood. In regard to something like this, you can stream videos programmes from Bollywood and Hollywood on it. Although this premium service is a paid service.

Is HDmoviePlus banned in India?

One could be able to get your preferred movies and web series in Hindi or English for free on the website HDMoviePlus. In HDmoviePlus HD Bollywood, you may watch movies in any format (240p, 360p, 720p, or 1080p). While you can transfer movies to your computer from this surfboarding website, you cannot entirely watch them online.

The website HDMoviePlus contains a comprehensive selection of all of your favorite films. However, it can make you extremely glad to know that there is a secure website where you can watch and download movies.


One should avoid the usage of avoided because pirating of movies badly affects the Cinema industry. Users also put their valuable data and privacy at risk by accessing these Websites. We would advise every movie watcher to watch movies on legal and official Websites for a better and much more secure experience. 

These Websites continue to post leaked information on their webpage. These portal broadcasts latest films and new show as early as july. We encourage everyone to keep a distance from such internet sites as you can.

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