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Going Old School with Marketing: Best Animation Styles for 2024 

If you’re fascinated with the idea of producing animated content for your brand, you might need to decide between 2D sports and 3D. 

And, this blog is just the place, where you’ll find out which one’s better for you. 

Each of these two animation styles have their own spectrum of sub-styles. Know that creating quality animated content is not easy, and the process entirely depends upon the following factors;

  • Time and money
  • Project Needs
  • Style of animation
  • Personal Preference
  • Availability of skill or resource

In this blog, I won’t just discuss 2D and 3D animation, but also shed some light on other best styles for animation that are ideal for marketers to enhance their brand’s visual appeal. 

So, make sure to read on!

  1. 2D Vector Animation

The first style of animation that is more commonplace than anything else is the traditional vector style 2D animation technique. Previously, animators and artists used to draw every frame, before finally compiling it into a scene in motion. 

But, now artists can easily catch vectors for both characters and their environments, from free stock vector sites. They can compile them, and animate them. The process today is even though a lot labor intensive, it’s still more efficient than it was in the olden days. 

Pro Tip: Use for SaaS product reveal on a budget

  1. Retro Style of Animation

Another intriguing style of 2D animation that has taken the world by storm is the retro style of animation. Animators love it specially with the pink and purple styled videos. It’s really popular from the 80s music hits. 

Animators use elements from retro themes of the 80s, and animate them to trigger nostalgia for the viewer. It not only works well in creating a bold brand persona, but the retro style of animation appears to be a timeless approach to get the message across to your target audience. 

Pro Tip: Use it to kick in nostalgia; Ideal for products around music and entertainment

  1. Modern 3D animation

Modern 3D animation comes from the famous movies of Shrek, Avatar, and Toy Story 3. Marketers tend to sway away from investing in 3D animation. The problem is not that it consumes a good load of time, but you can lose a big chunk of your brand’s budget. 

Most people simply say that 3D is more complex than 2D, and remain unaware of the real difference between 2D animation and 3D animation

For 3D animation, animators spend a great deal of their time creating computer-based models, and develop complex movements of their bodies for creating the scene. Let’s just drop the notion that 3D animation is exclusively reserved for big-budget production teams, and cartoon films. 

You too can use 3D animation for your new brand. It won’t just work well to leave a solid impression, but more importantly, communicating to viewers that you’re a brand that values the digital experience, and is more considerate about investing in tech for your business. 

Pro Tip: Use 3D animation to create a bold impression on your viewers

  1. Typography animation

If you’re a minimalist, and don’t like being too fancy with your product reveals, then a typography animation is perhaps more suited to your liking. You must have already seen gym promos and sports ads, featuring animated text sequences. 

These not only draw viewers, but are sure to make them tick till the ad finishes. It’s perfect for live-action ads. So, if you’re an actual product that’s already simplified and understood by the general public, you just need an extra push with some solid, yet premium brand content. 

And, playing around with typography animation is not just a cool thing that designers like doing, it can do a ton of good for your live-action creatives as well. If you can’t do it on your own, you’re better off partnering with a 2D animation company.

Pro Tip: Use typography 2D animation for live-action promos

  1. Attractive Cartoon Animation

Last but not least, we have cartoon style animation. This one is super popular among brand storytellers, who not just love cartoons, but understand the potential of cartoon characters, and how they can leverage them for a narrative that drives viewers emotionally. 

When it’s about emotionally charging your audience, an attractive cartoon animation style should be on top of your mind. It may also be suited for explainer videos that often require instilling a powerful narrative with story, and animated, cute and fun characters. 

Pro Tip: Use 2D cartoon animation to engage with a creative narrative

Wrap up

Let’s wrap this one up. 

In this blog, we literally covered everything on the best animation styles that are making waves in digital branding. Marketers are not just curious to experiment with them, but are enthusiastic to enhance the visual experience of their brands. You can pick any style that suits your product niche. It’s always best to experiment with a few, especially when you’re starting. 

You may switch to one style for consistent branding, after you realize what works best for your business. 

Hope you like this blog. 

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