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Getting Started with Ubiquiti Routers: A Comprehensive Setup Guide

Get Setup with the Global Leaders in WiFi Coverage

Are you tired of dealing with slow internet speeds and spotty Wi-Fi coverage in your home or office? Then Ubiquiti learning time.

Ubiquiti Networks, Inc. is a leading brand when it comes to the manufacture of data communication and wireless networking equipment in the world. Their routers are famous for high performance, dependability and ease of manipulation.

But the setup can be a sticking point if you’re new to routers in general. And that is where it now answers this all-embracing guide. Therefore, in the course of this article, we are going to discuss everything you need to know when getting started. 

We will look into the following:

  • Various features
  • The specific benefits they have 
  • How to set up the router(s)

Whether you are a home user who wants to boost his internet speeds or needs a reliable network for your business or even office building, we hope this guide will be useful. 

What we hope to achieve in this article is for you to be able to go ahead and get set up – simple as that! So, let’s start at the start.

Setting Up With Ubiquiti

The setup of the Ubiquiti routers is relatively easy; in fact, the word relatively seems more difficult than it really is. The App can get done in less than 10 minutes and is functional, but we’ll get to that.

We still have a few processes to follow in order for the router to be up and running. 

Here’s the setup process:

Unpack and Connect the Router

The first step is to unpack the router and connect it to a power outlet. You will also need to link the router with your modem using an Ethernet cable.

After you’ve done that, switch your router on and wait for the status light to become solid white.

Access the Router’s User Interface

You need to ensure that you open a browser on the same network as the router when accessing its user interface from a computer or mobile device. Enter “” or “192.168.0 and in the address bar, press enter depending on your router’s model). This will direct you to the login page of your router.

Log in to the Router

Enter the default username and password on the login page, or use a new username and password if you change these details.

Configure Basic Settings

After you have logged in, you will be directed to the dashboard, where the initial settings can be changed. You can establish your Wi-Fi network name (SSID) and password here and other network settings, e.g., time zone and language adjustment.

Set Up Advanced Settings

The more intense settings must be applied if you want to use the advanced features of your Ubiquiti router. These are configuring WAN connection settings, port forwarding set-up and VLAN configuration.

Save and Apply Settings

Once you have adjusted all the settings, save them and apply them to the router. This will help to make your router work properly and allow all changes you have made to take effect.

Test the Router

After setting up the router, it is recommended that you test everything to make certain all is well. Check Wi-Fi signal strength and speed, and ensure that your network devices can connect to the internet.

By following these steps, you should be able to install your Ubiquiti router without any problem and utilise its features optimally.

WiFi 6 – WiFi 6E and Ubiquiti Mesh Systems 

When it was released, the competition was astounded by its launch and as usual, it was already one step ahead of the market.

Can new systems really take it to the next level? 

Ubiqiuiti’s mesh router systems and WiFi 6 and WiFi 6E technologies

Mesh Point Technology – Way Ahead of the Competition.

The introduction of mesh router systems by Ubiquiti provides continuous wireless connectivity in any location within a house or office.

The system includes a main router and several supplementary satellites, named mesh points, that are spread across space. The mesh points connect to the main router, providing an identical network reaching every point of the area.

The use of this technology is also suitable in areas with large homes or buildings with multiple stories where one router may not give good coverage.

It’s So Easy to Use, Especially for That Kind of Technology.

One of the most significant elements that define Ubiquiti’s mesh router systems is simplicity.

This system is easy and quick to set up using the UniFi app, which guides the user through configuration for the router as well as mesh points.

The app, once installed, will help keep track of things in real-time and analyse any hitches.


The other major benefit of Ubiquiti’s mesh router systems is the high security that they offer.

The routers and mesh points have the most sophisticated encryption schemes, intrusion detection devices, and firewall systems.

This guarantees that the whole content sent through the network is safe and can’t be accessed by unauthorised users.

WiFi 6 and WiFi 6E

The latest networking products from Ubiquiti have also introduced WiFi 6 and WiFi 6E technologies.

WiFi 6 is the latest wireless technology that guarantees even faster performance and better battery life for devices.

The new WiFi 6E also allows for even more speed as it uses the 6GHz frequency range, which provides faster connectivity and less interference with other competing gadgets.

WiFi 6 and WiFi 6E have various benefits. This is useful in homes and businesses with many devices, as it can support several simultaneous connections.

This makes the devices last longer after charging. The result of these increased speeds and less interference is a smoother, more dependable experience on the Internet.


It’s no secret that Ubiquiti are masters of their art and keep pushing the boundaries of coverage.  Their system is suitable for huge homes and mansions; coverage throughout your gardens and swimming pools is the basics.  But then they have office and corporation coverage, which other companies are literally struggling to catch up to. So, all Ubiquiti fans out there, just look forward to 2024!


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