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Full House Remodel: Tips to Make Every Room Sparkle

Full House Remodel

A full house remodel is needed once in a while to freshen the place up and maybe usher in something new. The goal of every remodel is to make things better than they were before, in simpler terms, to make things ‘sparkle’. Making things sparkle isn’t always about the money you spend, but about the details in the little changes. With a few targeted changes, you can get any room to sparkle without having to spend too much. Here are a few tips to make every room in the hose sparkle after a remodel:

Improve Light Quality

Good lighting has the power to make anything better and that goes for all the rooms in the house. No matter how impressive any feature you add to the house is, it won’t matter unless there is adequate lighting. Make sure you get quality lights that focus on lighting quality as opposed to intensity. Greater light intensity doesn’t always equal better light quality, but targeting lights the right way, might. Using spot lights targeted at the right areas of any room is sure to highlight the features you want highlighted in the home. Modern lighting techniques and equipment also come with features that are sure to bring life to all the rooms in the house.

Paint The Ceiling

We all know that painting has the power to transform any room, but not many people think to use it this way. In addition to painting the wall, you should paint the ceiling. You can choose to continue with the theme for the wall and use the same colors for the ceiling. The ceiling can sometimes prove too powerful and draw focus from the rest of the room, so neutral colours may be the best choice. You can go one step further and paint something creative on the ceiling, creating your own personal ‘sistine chapel. A painting on the ceiling is certainly going to make your kitchen sparkle.

Adorn Your Windows

Your windows are certain to get a lot of attention each time someone steps into your home and can be the crowing piece. While a simple curtain over the windows is effective, you can do something creative with it and make it more impressive. Best of all, window add-ons aren’t normally expensive, nor do they require much effort . You can pick out something you like and attach it yourself, or hire someone else to do it, if you want a professional job. You don’t have to be too flashy to get the best possible results, with simple being sufficient in this instance.

Add-in Or Fix up A Fireplace

Many houses come with fireplaces especially when the house is an old one. Not all old fireplaces are in working condition after years of serving the home. Where there is a fireplace in your home, you can fix it up to look more modern. Recent advancements have seen the coming of electric fireplaces which would be equally impressive in your home. In the same fashion, you can add in a fireplace where there wasn’t one already there before. Fireplaces are great at adding a vintage look to the home, regardless of where it is in the house, it will have the same effect.

Update Your Wall Fixtures

Wall fixtures may be small, but they are always noticeable and can add elegance to your home. Where the wall fixtures in your home are old, it may be best to replace them with new ones. The bathroom especially is the one place where fixtures need to be updated in a remodel. From faucets to hooks, replace the old ones with new ones.

Concract home remodel professionals, as this process may require some professional installations, hence, you may need to hire a professional contractor. A professional contractor will be able to deliver an excellent job while providing valuable insight to your remodel, as well as creative solutions to any problems. It is best to hire a professional contractor before starting with any home remodeling projects.


A full house remodel will probably touch every corner of the house and will leave it changed in a good way. By making the right changes to the right places, you create a house that will be aesthetically pleasing, or put in other words ‘sparkly’.

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