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Fashionable spring-summer women’s suits

Today, costume looks have gone beyond the stuffy office. They are in demand not only among businesswomen but also among the fair gender of all ages, regardless of their professional activities. It is beautiful fashionable outfits that will help you create your own individual image and diversify your style. If you look at the latest photo reports from the latest shows, then it was the suit that was in the spotlight of many fashion houses.

Among the costumes of the shows, you can see different sets. It can be an oversize, short or fitted jacket, and different options for the bottom part. The pants are wide and flying, more classic with an arrow, shorter – with slits. Mini and midi length skirts. Shorts of different lengths or Bermudas are also combined with jackets. Everything for all tastes and needs.

As for colours, this season we also have a monochrome wardrobe look, which is so loved by many. The most fashionable colours: are white, shades of yellow, olive, blue, sand, caramel, powdery, raspberry, and grey. During a cooler period, it can be black, or brown, the colour of wet asphalt. Designers have not forgotten about prints either.

The textures highlight dense fabrics that hold their shape, it can be an all-leather suit or a corduroy suit. Let’s not forget about the costumes, and the pyjamas, they will only gain momentum with the arrival of summer.

Let’s take a look at several main trends in spring-summer women’s outfits and divide them into several blocks.

Oversized suit

This year it remains with us and remains relevant. I think most people have one in their wardrobe. Pay attention to the actual length of the jacket – this is mid-thigh or slightly below; sleeve length – no artificial ruching; due to the presence of buttons, single and cross-breasted, they are all relevant.

Almost every designer on the catwalk has one of these suits in their collection. Many present it in black, laconic colour, some add unusual shoulders and minimal details.

Suit with a fitted jacket

Perhaps not everyone likes a voluminous jacket. The emphasis on the waist can be done not only with a belt over the jacket, but also choose an elongated fitted jacket. Again, pay attention to the correct waist and length to the middle of the thigh. It looks more feminine and sensual.

Brilliant models

A disco outfit is a great alternative to an evening dress. In addition, the kit can be broken and the degree of coexistence can be reduced. Many famous brands such as H&M, Chanel, Gucci, Sainly offer interesting options. You can also choose bright shoes for the look which is a creative and smart choice.

Pyjama suit

These outfits will definitely win the hearts of those who were not touched by the wave of fashion last summer. Convenient, fashionable, and effective. Add a couple of bright accessories, and the image of the wedding bride is ready. And then we wear them with comfortable shoes on warm summer nights. 

There is no need to fear that you will look like you are in your pyjamas, these times are in the past and something similar was already experienced when linen dresses became fashionable. The main thing is how you feel about it, and when it is easy and convenient, it is not the highest note.

Brilliant options

Don’t be discouraged if you didn’t take inspiration from an off-the-shoulder black suit. Many are depressed by the colour black, but in addition to many dark suits, there are also very bright and patterned ones. Dilute dull office looks with bright colours and creates an atmosphere for yourself. There are many online platforms those are doing their marketing via social media, you can checkout their collection.  

Three piece suit

It is not necessary to understand a suit as a classic combination of three components: pants, jacket and vest. In a modern interpretation, the vest is replaced with a bandeau top or crop top and looks super chic. 

You can spend all day in the office in a button-down jacket, and at night you can unbutton it and change your look from a more business style to a city chic one. The designers also presented options when the blouse is in tune with the suit, and this is also a kind of three.

Cutout suits

Let’s add one more topical jacket, a short one. In total, we have 3 trending options: plus size, fitted and cropped. But at the bottom, everything is very interesting. We combine jackets with skirts of the current midi or mini length, any variation of shorts and Bermuda shorts, we choose shorts for warmer weather.

And in conclusion, a few words about irrelevant models, so as not to be mistaken with the choice. Of the unfashionable, fully fitted jackets, we will skip the moment when the jacket is too small for you, I think everything is clear here. We also do not forget about the density of the fabric.

We are talking about skirts of the current length, the main thing is that the midi length does not end from the widest part of the leg, in order not to visually thicken the leg, we open the fragile ankles.

Different options for shorts are for the daring and there are no restrictions, Anvisha suggests just to remember the proportions, if these are skinny bikes, we complement them with a voluminous jacket. And some recommendations for pants. 

We skip the fitted options, we choose fabrics that do not shine. If your choice falls on shorts or culottes, don’t let them end at the widest part. And it seems that everything, if you follow these little rules, then your suit will definitely be in fashion.

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