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Engaging Audiences With MMS Texting Service

Long before the internet revolutionized commerce, two scholars developed what came to be known as relationship marketing. In 1983, Leonard Berry and Donald Jackson unveiled a new way to engage with customers.

At the heart of the idea was obtaining, maintaining and promoting effective customer relationships. Relationship marketing became one of the most powerful tools in the seller’s arsenal.

Today, combining digital technology and the original framework for relationship marketing has created the most effective selling tool ever. Relationship marketing is predicated on engaging the customer.

Enter Mobile Devices SMS and MMS

Deploying messaging SMS and MMS platforms is simply an unbeatable way to reach new customers, connect with them and stay engaged with them. The key is to convert a cold customer or “prospect” into a “paying customer” –- and then to drive ongoing repeat sales from a “captured” market base.

SMS stands for short message service, and MMS is Multimedia Messaging Service. It involves sending brief text messages to the mobile devices of customers. MMS goes further than text by sending an array of message types, such as short videos, graphics, photos and more.

Experienced sellers today have come to rely on SMS or a more powerful MMS texting service for customer engagement strategies to drive sales processes and maintain sales at a robust rate over the long term.

How to Engage Customers With SMA

  1. Texting

Sending brief texts directly to customers is a fast, effective way to both reach customers and keep them informed about things like new products, special offers & sales, promotions and more. Remember that customers must agree to opt in to receive texts and MMS. That “qualifies” them as more than cold customers. Customers that take action to opt in are more likely to buy.

  1. Bolstering Customer Service

Customer service is an essential element of staying engaged with customers. SMS & MMS helps business owners provide superior support by strengthening easy access to support. For example, customers can text to ask questions, get answers, problem solve and learn ways to get maximum benefit from their purchases. Customers who get great service feel like the business they buy from cares about them. That builds loyalty and repeat sales.

  1. Increasing Brand Awareness

Strengthening brand awareness is the Holy Grail of goals for many firms. MMS engagement is an unparalleled tool for constantly engaging with customers and keeping a brand identity fresh in their awareness and minds. Thanks to a high open and reading rate, MMS has myriad opportunities daily to use the power of repetition to “refresh” the name of a company and what it stands for continuingly.

  1. Ease of Use

A key element of engaging customers is removing as many roadblocks to interacting and buying from a company as possible. When customers find it easy to buy or get a service from a particular provider, they’ll do so readily and more often. MMS simply makes it easier for customers to engage and buy. Note that “ease of use” is a two-way street. That is, the seller also wants a non-cumbersome and effortless as possible way to engage and interact with customers. MMS is the solution.

  1. To Engage Customers, Get to Know Them

It’s a primary rule for bestselling authors –- know your audience. When writers have a definite “feel” to whom they’re speaking, they can shape their content to maximize sales of books and articles. The same is true for markers and those employing MMS. 

It’s crucial to “know your audience” and understand who they are, what they need and what they want. Knowing an audience can be enhanced by market research, but SMS & MMS also helps because data feedback from the process can help hone marketing messages for maximum engagement.

  1. Short and Sweet

A paramount consideration in shaping texting is crafting high-impact messages with as few characters as possible. The brutal reality is that the average text reader will sometimes drop out of a message after just four or five words! That means 160 characters (not words) should be the maximum. It’s a challenge to convey a coherent, meaningful message with that little space, but it must be done to ensure the best engagement and results.

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