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Elevate Your Lifestyle: Discover The Finest European Appliances

Have you ever visited a friend and felt like spending more time with them in their kitchen rather than the living room? The truth is that everyone has the power to make their kitchen the ultimate relaxing and entertaining place. There is no bigger secret to achieving this than having all the relevant appliances in your kitchen. A kitchen with all the appliances is the ultimate entertainment space; hence, people spend more time there.  

You do not need just any appliances; go for the top European brands with amazing performance capabilities best suited for kitchen spaces. To select the appliances effectively, you need criteria including storage, food preservation, preparation, decoration, and organization needs. With this in mind, you can select an appliance that fits one or more roles and one that would boost your kitchen’s appeal. If you want to revamp your home, here are some appliances that should be at the top.  


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1. Liebherr Freestanding side by side Fridge 

As the family grows, you need enough capacity to store all the foods; hence, a single-door freezer and fridge may not suffice. Therefore, you need a double-door fridge with a large freezer to store all the food for your household. This can also be perfect for working parents or anyone working longer hours. You can prepare and store all the weekly foods in the freezer and fridge. 

While buying the double-door fridge, beware of energy consumption. Such appliances consume more energy due to their capacity; however, buying the Liebherr Freestanding fridge from Andi-Co guarantees a product that will help conserve energy. You can also select other fridges with sustainable functionalities and capabilities. Despite the size, it has different energy-saving settings for the fridge and freezer, enabling you to preserve the food without worrying about higher utility bills.  

Besides the sustainability benefits, it has features like an ice maker, super frost compartment, no frost compartment, power coolers, and well-lit sectionals and shelves. This helps organize and store all the foods in the best and most appropriate compartments.  

Liebherr Freestanding side by side Fridge

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2. Falcon Nexus 110cm Dual Fuel Range Cooker 

One of the principles of kitchen design and organization is having multi-purpose appliances. This limits the clutter by reducing the number of appliances on the countertops. Therefore, a dual-fuel range cooker would be a good addition to your kitchen.  

Rather than buying extra appliances like ovens, hotplates, and a mini grill, you could just buy a Falcon Nexus Dual cooker fitted with additional kitchen appliances. To help you cook effectively and minimize space, it has a conventional oven, glide-out grill, storage compartment, and hot plate.  

The ovens in these cookers can serve any purpose, helping you prepare various foods. You also have a storage space to store your spices or foods from the oven while waiting for them to cool. If you are cooking for a large audience, i.e., when entertaining, you can rely on the six burners in different configurations to prepare all your meals fast and efficiently. If you love hosting people at your place, this is the best cooker for you.  

Falcon Nexus 110cm Dual Fuel Range Cooker

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3. La Cornue Anti-Adhesive Grill Plate

 If your kitchen has the old cookers already fitted, you know how limited you are in terms of what you can prepare. You will need a pan for making pancakes, eggs, and other foods on such cookers. You can also not grill unless you use ovens, which are never perfect.  

Instead of all the troubles, why not get a La Cornue grill plate to help you with all these needs? Being anti-adhesive, you do not have to worry about stickiness, stains, or how to clean it. It remains clean even after preparing oily foods. Once plugged in, you can prepare all your meals fast, making it a perfect addition for breakfast or other fast foods. 

4. Air fryer

 If you have an anti-adhesive grill, why not spend a little cash to buy the best air fryer? Also, if you are worried about weight loss and cholesterol levels in your foods, an air fryer can help you prepare foods like French fries and chips without worrying about excess fats and oils. Some air fryers consume more energy; hence, you should consider those certified as energy efficient. 

Besides home use, they can also be a perfect gift for your friends and family to help them eat healthy foods. With an air fryer, you can forget traditional frying methods and embrace sustainable cooking, preserving the natural tastes of all the foods you prepare.

5. Kitchen Tablets

Being a good cook requires having all your recipes perfectly stored for future needs. You must also explore other recipes to boost your skills, especially as a professional chef. For all these needs, a kitchen tablet will be a crucial addition to your kitchen. All you must do is set a tablet anchor and charging station in your kitchen, preferably on the countertop.  

Next, you can browse and create recipes without worrying about losing details. When selecting the best tablet, size matters; the least should be ten inches with high image quality and resolution. You can buy an Android or an Apple tablet and then designate it for your kitchen and recipe needs.  

Kitchen Tablets

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The right appliances will boost your kitchen’s appeal, making it the perfect place to relax and entertain. When selecting the appliances, consider multi-purpose appliances for space optimization, increased capacity, and energy conservation. Begin with the primary and most essential appliances, then add others that make cooking fun and fantastic. 

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